First conduct a technical examination with the examination. To do this, hire a expert organization, which has all the required equipment for examination of the object to be repaired. In addition to the equipment they must have all regulatory and technical documentation on the basis of which they will carry out the inspection and assessment of the damage. A defect is a deviation from the design documentation. The test results are compared with the standards.
Make a different list of defects for different types of work, if your organization needs to repair different objects, i.e. equipment and room.
Approved a single form of the defect does not exist. You can make it in any form, but must provide details, under paragraph 2 of article 9 of the Federal law "On accounting".
Make a list of defects on the basis of the technical survey. In the list of defects it is necessary to reflect, respectively, the defects of the structures to describe all technological and organizational measures for their elimination. In this punch list you need to specify the amount of repair work and list the basic materials required for repair. If the brand and type of material is of fundamental importance, you can also specify this in the document.
Entrust the drafting of statements of the highly skilled workers associated with repair of equipment or buildings. Statement of defects is the document on which the estimate and checking the executed repair work, the correct and detailed drafting of this document is very important. Since the statement is a part of the budget documentation, it must be signed by the customer and marked "Approved," and the contractor.
If you have identified substantial differences between the description of the defects in the estimate of the contractor with whom you concluded the contract on carrying out of repair work, and punch list, compiled by experts, require from the contractor a written explanation of this fact and approve this document.