You will need
  • is the folder in hard cover (best suited archive);
  • folders - ear with perforation;
  • - baby photography;
  • drawings, applique and other crafts kid;
  • - diplomas, creditable sheets and letters.
Decide for what purpose you are building a children's portfolio. Whether you want to reflect a certain period in the life of the child (e.g., from birth to 2 years)? Or would you like to do a theme portfoliodedicated to travel, New year or walking? In addition, the desired folder can contain information reflecting the child's success in any field, for example, swimming or drawing.
The first (title) page should contain information about the child. Put on the cover of the surname, name, patronymic of the child, his date of birth.
On the second sheet prepare the content of your folders. The specific structure of the portfolio does not exist, because every kid is different and only parents know what information about him they would like to keep. Start with the registration 5-6 sections, and in the process you may decide to expand portfolio.
Complete page devoted to the baby. The zodiac sign of the child, his name, character, habits, preferences, what he likes or dislikes. Be sure to add a section with bright pictures, made in different periods of life crumbs.
The next section is devoted to the child's family. Place here information about the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, and accompany the story with family photographs and images of each family member individually.
Be sure to make a section devoted to the work of the baby. His first clumsy doodles and more confident drawings, paper snowflakes, applique, in a word, all that the child can be proud of. Bulk crafts (for example, natural materials or clay) can be photographed and placed in the folder.
The following sections depend only on parental fantasies. You can arrange the pages dedicated to travel, Pets, Hobbies kids, his friends, favourite characters from books and cartoons. And it is possible to assemble a collection of interesting sayings and words of crumbs. Human memory is imperfect, and through this portfolio, hand made, precious childhood moments of your baby will remain with you forever.