Determine the cause of the smell. If you have purchased shoes of non-natural materials, very often the odor is due to the use of low-quality components in the production. This could include imitation leather, faux fur, cheap glue, synthetic fabric in the lining of the Shoe. In this case, it is sufficient to do different deodorants. Fortunately, the means to neutralize odors in our time, a sufficient quantity. Use dryers, ozone generators, and obey the elementary rules of personal hygiene. The only way you will be able to avoid increasing an unpleasant odor.
If you bought shoes from a genuine leather or suede, will pay sufficient attention to the proper care for new shoes. Despite the fact that natural materials allow the skin to breathe, do make it a habit every day after wearing the shoes to wash, dry and ventilated. Do not fear the abuse of the dryer with ozone generators, it also will be very useful for the prevention of elimination of a smell of new shoes.
If the above methods do not help, most likely, look for the cause not the material from which the shoes were manufactured, and the bacteria that appeared after you began shoes wear. Rinse the shoes in soapy water, wipe with vinegar, wash again and dry. Then the shoes didn't smell like vinegar, for processing the inner surface of the Shoe use ammonia. If this method does not suit you, prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate and wipe the shoes. If your kit has a hydrogen peroxide, use it.
Since your main task – to destroy bacteria, due to which there is the smell, do not forget about such drastic proven methods as falling asleep shoes at night, baking soda, starch, activated carbon, and freeze in the refrigerator.
Use replaceable insoles made of natural materials. They absorb moisture and unpleasant odors. Every day, remove them, rinse and dry. Thus you will allow bacteria to multiply, and the odor of new shoes for a long time you will not be disturbed.