You will need
  • To observe personal hygiene, potassium permanganate, baking soda, and means for odor control.
Observe personal hygiene and properly care for your shoes – this will help to completely eliminate the unpleasant smell. If your feet sweat, you need to use special talcum powder and wearing lightweight cotton socks. Buy a few pairs of high quality (natural materials) shoesto be able to change them if suddenly one becomes damp. In summer, wear well-ventilated sandals. Prefer house Slippers mules with an open toe. Let your feet breathe to the maximum.
Do (once a day) special baths for the feet: with a decoction of sage or sea salt, rose hips, or horsetail. Such procedure is enough for 10 minutes) to kill bacteria and has a beneficial effect on the sweat glands.
Wash (wash) and dry the shoes. Take regular baking soda and a small amount of it for the night pour shoes, and in the morning shake in the trash. After several receptions , the smell will disappear.
Wipe inside the shoes with cotton wool soaked in hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate or ammonia. And allow to dry.
Purchase in - store tools to remove the odorand sweat from shoes. Use special creams, deodorants for feet, which normalize the sweating. Pick a more appropriate.