You will need
    • Vinegar
    • Soap
    • Ammonia
    • Potassium permanganate or peroxide
    • Cotton swabs
    • Dryer for shoes
If you take good care of the feet, using deodorant and regularly changing socks, but the smell is still there — it's gotta be the shoes, not feet. The smell is quite frequently occurs when you have wet feet, but not well dried shoes, or even do not have time to dry. First, wash the shoes with soap and water. Soap can be used anytime. Thoroughly lather shoes or boots with the inside and outside, rinse with soap and warm water.
Wipe the shoes with vinegar. Vinegar you can use any, except of vinegar, which is necessary before the procedure, dilute to the desired concentration. Vinegar apply a soft cloth on the outer and on the inner side.
The vinegar also leaves a smell. He, of course, like the classic "smell feet", but also not all a pleasure, so again wash the shoes with soap and water. If that's not enough, wipe the shoes with ammonia and rinse with water.
The most important thing is to thoroughly dry the shoes. Don't wear it ahead of time, otherwise the smell will appear again, since it arises precisely because the shoes are not dried. If you have the opportunity to use the dryer with ultraviolet light, it is better to do. In good weather you can just put the shoes on the balcony under the sun. Most importantly, it dried up.
Buy at the pharmacy therapeutic deodorizing powder "7 days". Sprinkle it into your shoes before leaving the house. It not only will prevent the formation of unpleasant smell, but will have a healing effect on your feet.