For a start, clearly define the source of the odor. Of course, you probably already know what had caused it. However, remember that pungent smell usually have products that are made from rubber is very low quality. In addition, they are toxic and cause headaches and even more serious consequences. Think well: it might be better to get rid of the source, and not from the smell?
However, if the smell of rubber comes from quality products, and you have no desire to get rid of them, take the following measures. To start, try to have a quality air freshener. Pick up in store special freshener to eliminate specific and industrial odors, not just fresh air. The chemical industry produces even special oils that eliminate the smell of rubber. This tool will fit in the case if you're concerned about the smell of burning rubber.
If the smell were formed in the apartment and use of air freshener is impossible in the presence of her child, use folk remedies. In boiling water boil a mixture of dried leaves and mint (Melissa), the resulting broth, add a few drops of some aromatic oil. Place this solution products that smell like rubber (for example, toys of your baby) for the night. The smell disappears forever. If the smell soaked clothes to wash is also possible to use a similar solution, or just a good softener.
If the weather permits, open all the Windows in the room and ventilate it well. Hang around the room moist towels: they absorb all odors, including the smell of burnt rubber. Spend damp cleaning of premises, to finally get rid of the unpleasant smell of rubber.