First you need to remove the existing smell.
Wipe the inside of the sneaker with potassium permanganate, formidron or hydrogen peroxide and dry shoes for at least 12 hours. If the smell is very strong, then you can pour hydrogen peroxide inside and wait until it stops bubbling, then pour an antiseptic and to dry shoes.
In the struggle with the smell will help alcohol-containing liquid. Shoes, pour vodka, put on clean socks and walk around in the shoes for several hours. Dry the shoes. Don't worry, the vodka will wear off quickly and the smell of alcohol will disappear.
Sprinkle in shoes baking soda and leave for a day, then just shake it or remove with a vacuum cleaner. This method will not work if your athletic shoes stitched black leather. Replace the soda can with a powder that contains salicylic acid.
To kill all germs and eliminate odor can be freezing. Of course, this method is especially good in the winter season when shoes can simply be put on the balcony.
After the smell is gone need to keep the shoes clean:
- regularly ventilate the shoes. If you use running shoes only a few times a week, then the rest of the time keep them on the balcony;
once a week change the insole. It is best to choose insoles made of natural materials. There are scented insole with charcoal layer;
- be sure to dry sneakers. It is important to do not only outside but also inside. Buy special devices for drying with the ionizer. If no instruments, dry shoes with newspaper. Stuff the shoes with paper and change it every hour until dry.
Don't forget to monitor the cleanliness of the feet:
- every day wash your feet with soap and water. Wipe them thoroughly after washing, especially between the toes;
- be sure to use deodorants and creams;
- make a foot bath of strong tea, oak bark or soda;
- change socks every day;
- keep spare shoes at work.