Teachers have a very good advantage over other professions. Take a long vacation. Almost everyone is on vacation 28 calendar days per year (article 115 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation), and teachers can not afford to rest longer. And since summer break in high school last for three months, teachers don't miss a great opportunity to relax in the hot summer months.

Of course, teachers can take leave or vacation time in other months, but mainly in order that the learning process does not suffer usually vacation on holidays. Work at school during summer vacation is not as intense as during the school year. The teachers put in order the classes and working at summer camps, which of course is also a kind of rest, but with defined responsibilities to carry out educational work among the crowd of students. But the notebook is not necessary to check and prepare for lessons too.

How many days vacation lasts teachers?

According to article 334 of the labour code, teachers in Russia have extended paid leave, it can range from 42 to 56 calendar days. It depends on the place of work of a teacher or tutor. For example, school teachers rest 56 calendar days, and kindergarten teachers - 42 calendar days.

The right to a long vacation for teachers

Teachers once in ten years have the right to go on sabbatical for a period of one year. Condition for receiving a sabbatical is a continuous experience teaching – 10 years or more. On the basis of article 335 of the labour code, such leave provide according to the rules established by the founders or Charter educational institution.

The Ministry of education of the Russian Federation approved the Regulation, which approved the procedure and conditions for granting to teachers of educational institutions. (order No. 3570 dated 7.12.2000) This order comply with only those schools or preschools in which the founder is the Ministry of education of Russia or exercises the powers of a founder. In the Situation indicated that teachers on extended leave, retain their place of work and position.

How to calculate vacation pay to teachers

Teaching staff vacation pay based on gross wage for the 3 months preceding the holiday. During this leave the employee shall retain the average earnings, it is calculated on the basis of the rules specified in article 139 of the labour code and Regulation No. 213 of April 11, 2003 "On the procedure of calculation of average salary.

For payment of annual basic and additional annual vacations average earnings shall be calculated on the basis of the wages accrued for the last 3 months (from the 1st to the 1st number). The average monthly wage of a teacher is calculated taking into account all surcharges, such as the written works of the students or the management of workshops and laboratories.