You can do a paid Department, it is your right. Even when entering on the boards of information of University will be tuition fees and admission requirements. After successful exams you will be enrolled in the Institute. Learn how to pay for tuition at your Department or the Dean. You will be sent to the accounting Department where you will need to fill out forms about the payment. In different institutions the requirements may differ: sometimes you can pay monthly, sometimes only a semester.
You can also pay the tuition for the year. In the event of an emergency ("tails" repeating) with the University management have a desire to meet you. The money that you paid for a semester that is filled up, you no return. But if you paid in advance, in the case of contributions will have to return them. To part with their money management, of course, will not want to, and you will get the opportunity to rehabilitate. It is not necessary to abuse the trust of superiors, as in exceptional cases you prefer to return the money, just to get rid of you.
If you have received secondary education in the periphery and act in the regional College, you have the chance to use the target direction. It is given to people who can benefit his native land (area), and native land is concerned, the individual received the same higher education. The district will pay for your education, provided that in the course of several years you will work on a subfolder of your training amount. "Tseleviki" too lenient attitude, as the likelihood that the district will not make the amount is critically small, and therefore, it is better to give you a chance to improve performance-without moving from the first course.
It happens that you do in the free Department, but flunked session. This is a direct indication that you have to upgrade to a paid. In this case, use the tips from the first paragraph. In some cases you may be asked to make a sizeable donation to the hospital. Payment all will be held through accounts.