Paris Père Lachaise

In the Eastern part of Paris is the famous Père Lachaise cemetery, which is on 48 acres shows visitors the exquisite samples of gravestones under the open sky. To get acquainted with the City of the dead, not missing anything interesting, it is necessary to take a map of the cemetery, which dealt in detail the burial place of celebrities.

The history of the cemetery began very commonplace in 1804. In those days it was a distant suburb of Paris and uspokaivatsya here wishing there was a little. The Paris authorities decided to conduct an advertising campaign, perezahoronen here the mortal remains of La Fontaine and Moliere, after which the process was adjusted. In the cemetery today lie the remains of about a million people.

Here crowds of fans singing songs on the grave of the lead singer of The Doors Jim Morrison, fans of the flamboyant writer Oscar Wilde writing love declarations on his tombstone, and the breeze quietly leafing through the sheet music left by the composer Frederic Chopin.

Music cemetery of Vienna

Vienna cemetery - three million graves, more than two million tourists a year, its own railroad and bus service at the cemetery. And of course, there are graves of great classical composers. Found here last shelter, the father and son of Strauss, Ludwig Beethoven, Antonio Salieri, Johannes Brahms, Franz Schubert and many others. In a separate part of the cemetery is the presidential vault, which from 1951 to bury all the presidents of Austria.

Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires

Hardly somewhere else there is such a cemetery-the Pantheon in the capital of Argentina. At the Recoleta cemetery are buried almost all of the Argentine elite. Nobel prize winners, great generals, and twenty-five presidents of Argentina, was found here last shelter. These luxurious mausoleums and crypts were created by famous painters and sculptors. The locals do not cease to joke that it's cheaper to buy the whole Buenos Aires than to be buried in Recoleta cemetery. Here is the most popular grave for tourists is the tomb of Eva Peron, first lady of Argentina, actress and a true spiritual mentor of the nation.

Vagankovsky cemetery in Moscow

Vagankovsky is one of the largest memorial complexes of the capital of Russia. An interesting fact is that the name of the cemetery justifies its content. The vagrants in the old days was called chaps. It Vagankovskoye cemetery cherishes the memory of many famous actors, singers, screenwriters, Directors, writers and poets. Buried here, Oleg Dal, Gregory Vitsyn, Sergei Yesenin, Vladimir Vysotsky, Leonid Filatov, and many others.