In order to find the right burial (grave of man), there are several ways. If you know the place of burial, then you should come to the cemetery and find the grave, beating all existing and finding a sign with the name of the personwhom you are looking for.
How to find the burial, which may already be several decades. Review the post-mortem documents (if any) and contact the relevant authorities (civil registry office or other) to establish locations and other data. In order to find the desired person on the death certificate, you should know not only the name of the person, but also the approximate year and place (city, region, etc.) of death.
Ask for all the Church records of death registration. You need to know the name of the deceased, and the name of the Church where the ceremony took place. Look important person in the obituary. In this case, you must know the date of death, full name, patronymic and surname, worn by people at the time of death and state where issued a obituary happened, the death of a citizen.
View military records. This method of finding a good burial in the case when you are sure that the man was a soldier, a veteran. For this search, you will need to know the name, date of birth, branch of service (army, Navy, etc.), the state where he was buried person, and the date of the military action, military identification number and the personal number of social insurance.
Consider all of the family biographies and the history of life. They probably contain information about the place of burial or other person. Copies of family stories you can get the relevant authorities of the state where lived.
Study all the records of the cemeteries in the area where it was installed and fixed the death of a citizen. Ask the old-timers in the place of residence of the person, as they may have some information that can help you in finding the place of burial.