Advice 1: How to understand that you're tired guy

Not all relationships lead to a happy and long family life. A breakup is a frequent occurrence, and often the reason is banal reason: one of the couples just get bored of the relationship. But not always a man ready to report it directly, so it is important to be able to recognize such a situation. And be able to distinguish it from temporary difficulties.
How to understand that you're tired guy
The first doubt is to sow a sharp change in the behavior of men. Attentive and responsive before, he suddenly ceases to give attention, rarely calls and writes. It is important to overcome itself and start calling him. If his behavior changed so drastically, excessive persistence only further exacerbate the situation. It is better to try to understand what can be the reason for this cooling.
For a start try to understand, is it really a man's attention waned. Can be increased your queries, and man behaves the same careful attention as before? Perhaps already at this stage an artificial problem will be solved.
Analyze the events of recent days. If between you, any quarrel, even the most insignificant? Remember, maybe you told him something that you think is a harmless joke, but his dignity might be hurt. However strong trying to appear male, they are at times very sensitive.
If you remembered this situation, consider that half the job done. Now try to establish a relationship, because you know what the cause of the disorder.
If the offense is unlikely, remember how to change the way of life of your beloved. Maybe he had new Hobbies or work, therefore he temporarily "pushed" you into the background. If the reason really in this, talk to the man heart-to-heart, tell me what you hard and you also want to get paid attention to. Then the problem can be solved.
But if you yet again receive a rejection from Dating, if a man when meeting the fun toys in the phone instead of having to communicate with you is a reason to suspect that he has lost interest in you.
Another sign of lack of interest, irritability guy. Pay attention to how he reacts to your actions. Cold man often begins to criticize literally anything, to find fault with the behavior that he was previously like.
That you bore him, will say the rejection of a romantic evening with intimate continuation. A man may say, terribly busy, but you can easily recognize insincerity of his excuse, especially if it is repeated is not the first time. Or he may accept the offer, but in bed would be cold. Try to surprise him, to somehow diversify sexual life. If the number of visits does not increase, but the coldness will only make progress, then the conclusion will be unequivocal — he was tired of the relationship.
Useful advice
Trying to return the interest of the man — you decide. In most cases, this idea is doomed to failure. Attempts may lead to short-term effect. The option of temporary separation, as practiced by many in pairs, also failed from the beginning. Therefore, it may be easier to just let him go, not to waste time on the person you are uninteresting.

Advice 2 : How to understand your man or not

He may be smart, handsome, wealthy, have an excellent sense of humor and look at you with loving eyes. However, no doubt that the young man really fits you, will defeat you from the Dating. While your relationship has not gone too far, to thoroughly understand the situation.
How to understand your man or not
You will need
  • ride.
Think about whether or not Madden do you have habits and gestures of the young man. Look how he eats, drives, washes, coughing. If a man is right for you, not even the most pleasant things will not cause you disgust.
Watch your behavior when you are together. If you feel inner comfort, completely relax, not shy of their shortcomings, can go without make – up is definitely positive signs. With "your" man, you don't want something to invent about themselves and look better. You'll behave more naturally, feeling of unity and calm.
Embark on a joint trip. It can be as foreign travel and rest at the camp near the city. In a few days you will be able to learn about the person more than for the months of friendship. Let's see how he will behave with you that will cause his anger, he will respond to the emergency situation. And most importantly: listen to your feelings after the trip. If you were really comfortable together, and you smile and remember this time, then your relationship a future.
Ask about plans for the future of your young man. Even if you are very good with him at the moment, the man may not work for you because of their future aspirations. For example, you dream of a cozy home and children, and disliked him even the form of a baby and the next ten years he plans to spend traveling around the world. You may have different tastes and temperaments, but the basic views on the most important things should be the same.
It is not necessary to arrange the man to humiliating inspections. Of course, any person can always be provoked into betrayal or a lie, but such game can completely destroy relationships.
Useful advice
Follow your gut feeling. If the person is right for you, you will hardly do to ask a similar question.
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