Make sure that elevated levels of testosterone abnormal for you. Do not rush to take dangerous drugs to reduce male hormone if you have noticed a few hairs on the chest or face. For women of certain nationalities, facial hair, and therefore testosterone above normal, common phenomenon. During pregnancy also increased the levels of many hormones, including the male, but while this increase remains within acceptable limits, nothing to worry about. It is not necessary to be afraid that the hair on the face will spoil your appearance throughout life. The body sometimes takes nine months to recover after heavy tribal period, so that at the end of this period, all the excess will probably disappear by itself. It is not necessary to shave, cut off or burn with laser unwanted hair, you will only aggravate the situation. Better to gather strength and wait until hormone levels will restore itself.
Consult with several doctors. If the testosterone level increased during pregnancy or in preparation for it, you should find endocrinologist, which specializiruetsya on the maintenance of pregnancy. It is desirable to hear the opinion of several doctors.
Do not rush to take medication! It has long been observed that in our country during pregnancy is not observed, and treated, although the intrusion into the world of the embryo may do more harm than good. After all, a woman's body is adapted to carrying a child, so he knows how many and what hormone to produce.
Use folk remedies. If you are afraid to use meds, but worried about elevated levels of testosterone, can you buy over the counter flax seed and eat one tablespoon twice a day with boiled water. You can also use "women's" herbs such as decoction of the heads of red clover. Pour twenty heads of clover liter of boiling water and after cooling to drink instead of tea, adding honey or sugar to taste.
Have sex without a condom. Entering the body as part of semen the male hormone will not cause to increase testosterone, affecting the overall hormonal background, but will help to raise the level of the female hormone, and therefore to get rid of excess men.