You will need
  • - dates;
  • - buckwheat;
  • - parsley juice;
  • - lemon;
  • - med;
  • green tea;
  • - rose hips;
  • - tea karkade;
  • - the infusion of a succession;
  • - the infusion of lime blossom;
  • - infusion of strawberries.
To work pancreas gland, periodically cleaning it. For example, for 2 weeks every morning between 6-10 hours on an empty stomach to eat at least 15 dates. If you want to drink, use boiled water or, if possible, spring. 30 minutes later start to Breakfast.
As an alternative, use a 10-day cleansing with the help of buckwheat. Evening rinse well with a glass of cereal and fill it with yogurt (0.5 l). In the morning divide the porridge into two portions: one to eat as Breakfast, the second one 2 hours before bedtime.
Useful for the work of the pancreas and parsley juice. Grind in a blender a few tufts of grass and seeded small lemon. The resulting mass is put into a fine sieve and put a container under it. "Rinse" the contents of the sieve, watering it 1-1,5 l of clean water. Pour the beverage into another container and drink it throughout the day, adding honey to taste. The course of such purification should be 5-6 days.
Daily drink about 3 liters of liquid, however, at least for some period, try to avoid drinking black tea and coffee. As drinking use water – it can be mineral, boiled, spring. Also suitable for compotes of dried fruit, fresh juices from vegetables and fruits. Every day, especially in the morning, drink herbal teas that can add a little green tea, rose hips tea, or karkade.
To stimulate the pancreas to eat spices, onions and garlic, ginger, horseradish. Also, the diet must be germinated legumes and cereals. Improves functioning of the pancreas regular consumption of raspberries, sorrel, barberry and pomegranate. In addition, from time to time the courses take a series of infusions, lime blossom and wild strawberries.
Do not overeat and minimize the use of alcohol. Give up fatty, smoked and fried foods. At least temporarily exclude from the diet sugar, and tea you can drink, for example, eating dried fruits. Eat more plant foods.