Advice 1: How to pull the weeds

By early summer, gardeners are eagerly awaiting the first seedlings in the garden beds. First, however, seems to light the ubiquitous weeds. If they are not to get rid of weeds fairly soon displace all useful plants and can even leave you without a crop. To tear out the weeds need when they first appeared, until they became stronger.
How to pull the weeds
You will need
  • Material for mulching
  • Hoe
  • Herbicide
  • Ploskorez
  • Bio-fertilizers
Start weed control from the mulch (mulch – loose litter between plants). This will help you to significantly reduce the growth of weeds. First, the ground carefully loosen; then scatter mulch evenly. Its thickness should be larger if you use light material, less with heavy mulch. For example, 3 cm is milled bark and sawdust; and 7-8 cm – needles and grass. No need to make a litter from most stems, especially to condense it from the root of the plant can rot.
Use different raw materials for mulching the garden, depending on the species planted species.
• Young (no seeds!) tear out weeds and grass, well dried. They are often used in the vegetable beds.
• Stepchildren of tomato put under the gooseberry bushes and currants.
• Sawdust and bark are recommended for garden trees and shrubs.
• Needles of trees and pines underlie under the strawberries.
Rip the weeds by the roots, especially if the vegetable seedlings are still weak and there is a risk of damaging its roots. Even if you use the hoe, close to the cultural sprout weeds can weed by hand only! Aisle as carefully loosen hoe. Weeding must be repeated as the growth of weeds. Do not wait, when they will give seeds clogged the whole garden.
Try herbicides – substances used to kill weeds. They destroy the roots of perennial plants, which greatly facilitates gardening work. Use chemicals with caution, carefully observing the instructions and prescribed dosages. "Chemical weeding will help to put in proper form even the plot, overgrown with weeds, or bindweed.
Choose the right suitable herbicid! So as not to harm cultural plantings, gardeners are advised to choose a special part of the selective action: it kills the weedsbut not the vegetables. Spray solution herbicida the leaves of the weeds; later, 3 hours after treatment do not water the beds and not proplyvaya aisle.
To tear out the weeds it is necessary not only for soil. Vykashivajut plants with flying seed (especially dandelion and sow Thistle) around the perimeter of the garden.
Very weedy plot perekapyvayut for the winter, not ataliva the land down – so the seeds of weeds remain on the top, and most of them will die. Some gardeners after collecting the vegetables are placed on the beds the compost and loosen the soil with a cultivator (a tool for subsurface treatment). You can pour the ground bio-fertilizer (type "Baikal EM1"), killing pathogenic microorganisms.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of sow Thistle

Weeds cause much trouble to the vacationers. It seems to be taken all measures to deal with them, and the area seems clean and well maintained. But after the first rain the garden again subject to "attack" the weeds. One of the most tenacious is the sow Thistle. He has a highly developed root, which penetrates up to 4 m. in addition, it is sufficient to cut the root into several parts, and from each will soon appear a new stem.
How to get rid of sow Thistle
You will need
  • - shovel;
  • - preparations for destruction of weeds.
Effective weed control is regular weeding. If you're in time to remove the weed, only when he appears out of the ground, over time the land will be purified. When you remove a weed from the ground the root breaks off and remains at depth, but recovery of the plant will take up to 2 weeks. If the weeding is to be repeated as new shoots, gradually, the weed will wilt and die. Naturally, this method is hard and long, using it for one year from weed is not to get rid of.
Do not allow flowering and especially don't let the weed seeds to lose. If you are dealing with a neglected overgrown plot, produce for the winter subsurface soil digging. In this case, the seeds will remain on the surface and can germinate in late autumn or spring. And then, while weed is not formed powerful root system, the weed need to pull out. It should be remembered that not all seeds germinate, and can be stored in the ground for several years. Therefore to fight this weed has to be complex.
Use biological feature development of this plant in combating it. If you dig the soil by removing the aboveground part of the weed and of the rhizomes in the ground will still be short segments. They will give a new sprout, but not immediately form subterranean shoots. It is therefore important to produce several perampok of the site, with the new careful removal of the roots of this weed. This method is time consuming, but most effective.
And finally, use chemicals to destroy weeds. In selling there are a wide variety of drugs. But remember that along with the weeds will die and other plants. To use the site can only be a few months later, when a chemical substance will disintegrate in the soil.
When using chemical treatment of the plot take precautions – wear a respirator and rubber gloves.

Advice 3 : How to pull weeds

Weeds interfere with the normal growth of cultivated plants prytinyayuchy them and taking some of the nutrients. To rid your site of unwanted vegetation, have some work to do.
How to pull weeds
Dig up the garden tractor to the full depth of the plow, if you previously did manually. Collect all the roots and leaves of weeds. Plow the soil should be 2 times a year, if there is such a problem. The root system of the weeds will always be damaged and eventually you'll have to get rid of them.
Timely proplyvaya the garden before the weeds grow and they ripen seeds. If you have a large square footage, then manually remove vegetation only in the beds, other places do it with a chopper. After weeding Paraclete the soil but do not water for about a day.
Buy special drugs that help to get rid of weeds. "Tornado", "roundup", "Lapis" and similar. Read the instructions for use and carefully follow the instructions. After treatment of soil with chemicals is not advised to plant vegetables. It is better to use in the fall, after harvest. After the winter from chemicals will not be over as they collapse.
There is a dangerous way to get rid of weeds is to burn them in late autumn. Choose a day when on the street there is no wind. Lightly pour the plants with diesel fuel and ignite. The fire helps to destroy part of plant seeds and the tops. Nothing to burn, if there are residential and other buildings, wooden fences and everything that can catch fire. Be very careful and in any case, keep around the hose to access water and to extinguish, if necessary.
If you have a very large garden, part of which you are not using for growing vegetables and fruits, sit in these places the grass lawn. As it growth and development of weeds will disappear, as it "kills" everything in its path. Decorative lawn can be sown between the trees, which will significantly reduce you work on the weeding.

Advice 4 : How to get rid of weeds in the garden or the cottage

Unfortunately, there is not one definitive way to simultaneously destroy all kinds of weeds, so often struggle with weeds is painful and long. But there are many tried and tested methods that are sure to be able to help you!
How to get rid of weeds in the garden or the cottage

Any cottager and gardener is inevitably faced with the problem of weeds that grow in the area. Weed control for each of them starts with the selection of the most efficient way.

Long methods for getting rid of harmful plants in the area

Many gardeners one of the main roles assign digging the ground in spring and autumn. If you are looking for a way to get rid of weeds effectively, it is what you need. In the autumn, after harvest, try to dig as deep as possible, about 30 cm. the roots of the weeds while carefully collect, so you make it harder for them new germination in the spring. If in a few years to repeat a similar procedure, the weeds will be much less.

If you are bored in the summer every weekend for the weeding on the plot, it is possible to apply the method, accelerating the process. On that site, which is littered with weeds, plant peas. When I collected his harvest, pea stems need to be on the same bed buried in the ground. In mid-fall on that place sow the seeds of winter wheat and rye, as thicker. Level the soil with a rake.

In spring, the seedlings will germinate, and by the middle of summer will turn into a green carpet, which will not give the weeds to grow. With the advent of autumn, the dig site pitchfork, also burying the stems in soil. If you want to find a way to get rid of weeds forever, then check this method too. Of course, it's quite long, but the garden will bring a double benefit. First, the soil will be able to relax, and secondly, you will effectively get rid of weeds!

How to deal with weeds

Many gardeners with experience know how to destroy weeds in the garden natural and quick way. The entire area is covered in a certain deck, which prevents the penetration of sunlight. Accordingly, it does not give the weeds to germinate.

To do this, use thick cardboard, black tape, a special covering material, black in color, straw, sawdust, pine needles, etc. In order for the weed control was more effective, combine several methods. For example, cover the ground even with a transparent film, and the top cover with straw or any other mulch.

Effective material think black agrotextile. It can pass water and air, and the sunlight there. But before you try out this method for the first time, carefully pre-propolice weeds and then cover with soil. The coating should be well secured. For this purpose you can use stones or bricks, which are arranged around the perimeter.

How to get rid of weeds folk remedies

Today there are many chemicals that allow you to destroy the weeds. But, before that, people knew how to deal with weeds, except for weeding. Check out some ways to apply the point method:

  • salt. It sprinkled on the beds;
  • vinegar. They carefully sprayed the weeds;
  • herbicidal soap. Prepared from equal parts salt, vinegar and grated soap, also used in the beds;
  • blowtorch;
  • cornmeal, baking soda for sprinkling the beds;
  • alcohol. In the ratio of 1:10 with water to spray the garden a month before planting.

It is also worth noting that the weeds can not only bring harm, but good. They can serve as compost fertilizer. To do this, they are best dried and burned, and after digestion to scatter on the site.

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