You will need
  • Material for mulching
  • Hoe
  • Herbicide
  • Ploskorez
  • Bio-fertilizers
Start weed control from the mulch (mulch – loose litter between plants). This will help you to significantly reduce the growth of weeds. First, the ground carefully loosen; then scatter mulch evenly. Its thickness should be larger if you use light material, less with heavy mulch. For example, 3 cm is milled bark and sawdust; and 7-8 cm – needles and grass. No need to make a litter from most stems, especially to condense it from the root of the plant can rot.
Use different raw materials for mulching the garden, depending on the species planted species.
• Young (no seeds!) tear out weeds and grass, well dried. They are often used in the vegetable beds.
• Stepchildren of tomato put under the gooseberry bushes and currants.
• Sawdust and bark are recommended for garden trees and shrubs.
• Needles of trees and pines underlie under the strawberries.
Rip the weeds by the roots, especially if the vegetable seedlings are still weak and there is a risk of damaging its roots. Even if you use the hoe, close to the cultural sprout weeds can weed by hand only! Aisle as carefully loosen hoe. Weeding must be repeated as the growth of weeds. Do not wait, when they will give seeds clogged the whole garden.
Try herbicides – substances used to kill weeds. They destroy the roots of perennial plants, which greatly facilitates gardening work. Use chemicals with caution, carefully observing the instructions and prescribed dosages. "Chemical weeding will help to put in proper form even the plot, overgrown with weeds, or bindweed.
Choose the right suitable herbicid! So as not to harm cultural plantings, gardeners are advised to choose a special part of the selective action: it kills the weedsbut not the vegetables. Spray solution herbicida the leaves of the weeds; later, 3 hours after treatment do not water the beds and not proplyvaya aisle.
To tear out the weeds it is necessary not only for soil. Vykashivajut plants with flying seed (especially dandelion and sow Thistle) around the perimeter of the garden.