You can think of the coins

If you are in the apartment there is a coffee table with glass top, you can decorate the trifle. For this you will need clear glue. Gently apply a drop of glue on the coin and stick with the lower side of the table so that it was visible through the glass. This table will be a very unusual and creative. The dust on the surface of the glass table decorated so is appreciable is much smaller.

Coins can decorate the bottle an interesting shape, a vase, money box, lamp, clock, and bumper car, box, flower pot, chandelier, other items. Here, the main thing is to include fantasy.

If you pasted them in a simple photo frame – it will sparkle with new colors and perfectly complement any interior. If you insert into a frame quality picture, would make a great gift.

It will be good to make a child a tower of coins – a great educational game. Only the kid must be older than three years, or such a toy may present a danger for him.

You can take an old shirt and stick her coin tightly-tightly to each other – will stage the mail! It is possible to play in the performances of home or community theater or go to a costume party. If your child will soon kindergarten is a great costume idea, for example, Ilya Muromets. This certainly, no one will. And if you glue a penny long dress, you get a Royal or even Imperial stage outfit. Just keep in mind that the weight of the costume is significantly different from the one made out of fabric.

Can decorate the contents of your piggy Bank the space on the ceiling around the chandelier. First draw a pencil thin line pattern, which would like to see there, then carefully glue on the pencil line coins. The glue should be very reliable, so one day you never shed precious rain."

If you do the coin hole, it is possible to invent and make many kinds of jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, pendants. And manufacture of the world famous money tree. To do this, take the wire, then twist it in the trunk and make branches with leaves, where the leaves of your savings. Plant a tree in the flower pot. Instead of land you can use the beautiful stones of the same coin.

There is a technology of manufacturing of coins of the rings, but it is an art subject not for everyone, it requires professional knowledge and skills.

You can just draw on the cardboard of the figure and on top of it, along the contour and inside to stick a metal money – it will be an interesting panel.

Coins – a real godsend for landscape designers. If you want to do at the cottage Alpine slide with a fountain. great to decorate it, even if they are just thrown loose into the bottom of the fountain.

And also, if the coin is a lot you can decorate them at the cottage all the way from the gate to the house.

They can be painted to match your idea or leave it the natural color – whatever you wish.

Don't forget that DIY out of coins is a very laborious work which requires perseverance, attention and patience.

How else can you use coins

If someone of your friends planned a Grand event – the wedding! Grab your savings with them, there is a tradition to throw them under the feet of the newlyweds to their financial situation.

You can also give the newlyweds a bag with small money, for the financial good of the family.

A handful of coins thrown into the donation box for the orphanage, and certainly will not be wasted because it will serve the noble purposes and at the same time add plus to your karma.