Locate the small rivet, often rubber or plastic, located either in the bottom or on the side of the piggy Bank and tear it off. Typically, this option is open manufacturers left very rarely only because the piggy Bank is very easy to open and close at any time, and therefore, the meaning of it is lost. Sometimes a manufacturer makes a disposable cover: after one rivet is broken, and the piggy Bank becomes unusable. However, if willpower is enough, and the tape will do.
Drill a small slot or hole if the rivet is not found, and the house has a drill with a small drill bit. Quite a few nearby holes, to gently knock a small section of the wall of the piggy Bank and not to spoil its appearance. Piggy is suitable for use after opening as a souvenir. Coins will sleep, and the piggy will survive as a beautiful decoration on the shelf. The resulting hole can be closed up a transparent adhesive tape, fabric glue or plasticine. With the skill of roasting, you can patch the hole with clay and then paint it the color of the piggy Bank.
Break a small piece near the slit for coins, if instruments were just a screwdriver. So it turns out less trash, and the Treasury will not crumble into many small pieces if it is sloppy to break or drill a hole, pushing a little harder than necessary. Just need to put a screwdriver in the slot and, like a lever to bend the piece.
Break the piggy Bankif you drill there, and the contents are more valuable than the containing. Guidance no, but to lay some unnecessary papers, if the piggy Bank is made of porcelain or glass - little crumbs vacuumed from the carpet is not always possible. We must act carefully, otherwise mixed together coins and pieces of pottery or glass will have to be separated from each other longer than recalculate the amount accumulated in the souvenir.