Advice 1: How to give a piggy Bank

Among the many gifts for all occasions – holders for business cards, animal figures and cartoon characters, key chains and magnets - is the piggy Bank. This versatile gift you can give for any occasion, and always he will be needed and useful gift.
How to give a piggy Bank
The important thing to remember if you are going to give the piggy Bank is what the piggy Bank is empty not give. It is a sign that will lead to poverty and ruin. But if you drop there a few nickels, and handing the piggy Bank, shake it, you hear a clink of coins, this is bound to attract luck and wealth.
Also, choosing a piggy Bank, be guided by the interests of the person you want to present it. For example, the geography buff or traveler – in the form of a globe, a lover of animals – in the form of a cat or bear, and the businessman will approach the Treasury in the form of a large stack of banknotes.
Don't forget your kind words when you give a piggy Bank. If you want her present for the wedding friends, select a piggy Bank with the words "honeymoon" or "Wife of the bling" "holiday at sea" and write a poem congratulation-wishes, echoes the inscription on the piggy Bank. You can negotiate with the host that all guests will have their cash gifts not just to give young or laid on the tray and drop into the piggy Bank. Birthday friend or parents you can also recall their cherished dream and in his congratulatory message to say that you are giving the first funds for its implementation. However, the amount in this case should not be too small.
Piggy banks can give each other on Valentine's day, especially in the form of angels or hearts, with different phrases and declarations of love. After all, you can together there postpone funds for the trip to the sea or buying nice things for the home. Together lower back the first coin and make a wish that your life together was prosperous and happy.
Piggy Bank is a wonderful gift not only for adults but also for children. So children learn frugality, learn save and to save on some big thing, not wasting pocket money on the little things. Believe me, when the piggy is full and the child will be able to get out by all means, go to a store and buy what is wanted, he will begin to understand the value of money and be proud of yourself.
Take care beautiful package for your program. A prank to shove in the slot a few rolled into tubes denominations "Bank of tricks" and Packed in a transparent package. If you give the piggy Bank in gift box, top write "Here is what you will be useful", and congratulating friends, give give the amount of scrublike, and write on the package "do Not have hundred rubles, rather have hundred friends". Your friend will definitely remember and appreciate such a gift.

Advice 2: How to write poetry about love

When you're in love, you want to do something extraordinary. At least to Express my feelings in rhymes. And here you are already saying to myself of different words, like: love, blood, love – carrots.... So what you need to know to write poems?
How to write poetry about love
The first thing you need when writing a poem about love, it is really to be a very loving person. Only then will wish to give a loved one a few lines, which would all a huge feeling that you feel about him.
The second necessary condition to learn how to make rhymes. To do this, first choose the words you want to put at the end of lines and it to come up with a rhyme. She will be born at the expense of endings in words. Write it all down on a leaf. Carefully reread, say it out loud. Those phrases where you think the ending of the match is perfect and the words fit the meaning, I can leave.
If you see that the second condition you do not, that is one option. Now on some sites there are original computer programs that help you to choose the rhyme to the words. They contain special database of rhymes. You can use these tips.
Picking up a beautiful rhyme, you need to determine the rhythm. You, of course, the school heard that there are iambs, trochees, anapests and amphibrach. But in order not to go back to school, you can just remember that all rhythms are made up of stop – these are small steps, repeated with a certain interval. They come in two syllables, i.e. consist of two syllables. There are trisyllabic and longer. Here what size of repetitions for one verse you choose, such a rhythm you will. And in the name of this rhythm at first, you can not penetrate.
Now you need to decorate the poem with various epithets, metaphors and other literary stuff. Here too it is necessary to think that all these additions have come to key words, combine with each other and expressed your sincere feelings.
Learn your poem by heart and read beloved. It will add romance to your relationship and you will see happiness in his eyes.
Useful advice
All these tips for the technical side of writing poetry about love. But, most importantly, of course, need inspiration. And then lines of poetry will occur.

Advice 3: How to choose the piggy Bank for money

Piggy Bank is one of the easiest ways to attract money into the house. But few people know that just buy the piggy Bank is not enough. To magic gravity take effect, you need to choose it properly.
How to choose the piggy Bank for money

Tips for choosing a piggy Bank

The first thing to pay attention to the shape of the future piggy Bank. By what you will store your money, will depend on its imminent fulfillment. Psychics are advised to give preference to funds in the form of animals - e.g., pigs, dogs, cats, horses and owls.

Piggy-pig. Symbolizing wealth, it will bring home wealth and prosperity. Given the fact that the pig is omnivorous, the money she can throw all sorts ranging from small coins to large paper bills. To attract the money beside piggy put an acorn or figurines of piglets and wipe her nose.
Piggy Bank in the form of pigs must stand in a conspicuous place and be updated daily at least a few coins.

Piggy-cat, according to one version, can serve as a faithful assistant in collecting money for things associated with beauty and health. For these purposes, it is recommended to keep on the bedside table among the female set. Another version says that the cat as a symbol of cunning, attracted not only their money but also other people. Therefore, it is best to place in a conspicuous place in the corridor or hall. It is not excluded that your family members will also from time to time to increase your income for your contributions.

Piggy-dog. The dog symbolizes protection and loyalty, save your cash and help save up for needed purchases.

Piggy Bank horse will be a perfect choice for those who want to quickly collect the necessary sum of money.

Piggy Bank-owl will tell you how to wisely manage money and not spend it on unnecessary things.

In addition, other accumulation of money can serve as a piggy-box. Symbolizing reliability and material well-being, it can help to save money on housing. For this you need to put inside a picture of your home and thrown into a trunk is only paper money.

Three main points when selecting the right piggy Bank

When choosing a piggy Bank has the largest value of its color. The most successful colors for attracting money are gold, green and purple. You should pay attention to the hole in the piggy Bank to throw money. Having defined the shape and color, make sure you have equally convenient slot for coins and bills.
Please note that to buy the Treasury should be in new moon to rising moon to grow and your financial well-being, and after the purchase hold a special ceremony for her charge.

Don't forget to confirm the presence of product at the bottom of the holes for taking money. Despite the fact that it is advisable to get them by the symbolic breaking of a piggy Bank, more practical option is to purchase reusable products.

And finally, of course, what would you piggy Bank may have bought, in this case a huge role is played by your attitude and the desire to accumulate. Be motivated and energetic, and you will succeed!

Advice 4: How much money to give for a wedding

Probably some of you, being invited to the wedding wondered about the choice of gift. It's safe to assume that your choice was on the money, since most of the invited guests as a present to choose them.
How much money to give for a wedding

How to calculate the minimum amount of cash wedding gift

Undoubtedly, choosing as gift for wedding money, there is always a question of the amount. How much better to present as a gift to the newlyweds? Some clear answers and accurate amounts of no, it depends on many factors, such as where the couple are just friends they you or relatives and if the relatives, how are you close to them. First, however, the amount of the gift is determined on the basis of financial capability of the giver.

If the couple live in a small village or a small town, one thousand rubles may seem a decent amount, but for the residents of regional cities such a gift may be very modest.
In Russian cities from one person is normal to give about two or three thousand, and from a pair of 4-6 thousand rubles.

As the price level in major cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg is different, it would be nice to raise the bar of 5-15 thousand rubles and more. In Ukraine usually give 1-2 thousand hryvnia, you can give 500, if the relative is not very close. In small towns often give the minimum amount — 100 UAH.
The minimum amount you can give colleagues, classmates, distant relatives and neighbors.

Knowing approximately how much it will cost the wedding party, and multiplying it by half, you can calculate the minimum cash gift. Of course, everyone has different costs for the wedding: one can rent a boat or a house outside the city, while others celebrate the day of family in a cheap and cozy café or even at home.

The wedding of relatives

The wedding of his beloved niece, who grew up in front of your eyes is not a reason to save, the minimum amount you can give to nephew, if you've seen him a few times in my life. Brother, sister or possibly you can give 10-15 thousand rubles, and children and grandchildren — all that has been accumulated for this significant event.

A gift from the parents, one of the unspoken rules, must be much greater than the amount invested the most generous a guest as a gift. The cousin who recently became a mother, is unlikely to be able to allocate from the family budget more than three thousand, but a solid uncle is able to give your favorite nephew even 50 thousand rubles, allowing himself a Grand gesture.

In the case of severe financial difficulties, on the amount of the gift don't even worry, knowing that the person is not currently able to afford to give a large sum of money, it is unlikely someone will judge. It is possible to cheat a little to a stranger after the wedding to remain "on beans", and take the most amount you can give and see how many other guests will give, you probably will not have to give all the money.

Advice 5: What is presented on the steel wedding

The relationship of the spouses after 11 years together we're strong as steel. That's why this anniversary is called steel wedding. In spite of everything the wife and the husband are still together, they enjoy each other, support each other and raise children, celebrate holidays with loved ones. So what are the gifts customary to give on this auspicious day.
What is presented on the steel wedding

How to mark steel wedding

On "triumph of steel" is encouraged to invite families with young children, since babies represent new life. After 11 years of marriage, husband and wife open a new page in their relations, as their romance becomes more relaxed and easy.

According to tradition, on this day the couple exchanged bouquets consisting of 11 colors. If the bouquets will be able to stand for 11 days, it will mean that their life together will become happy. And therefore it is recommended to go to the trick: it is better to choose the flowers for a long time do not fade.

Before the triumph of the spouses have to undergo the rite of bathing. Well, if you have the opportunity to swim in the pond. If not, it is quite suitable for bathroom. It is believed that in this way the couple "flush" with the hardships and negative emotions that have accumulated over the years of living together.

During the festival the husband and wife give each other items made of steel. Best of all, if there is an exchange of private things - this confirms the unity of the family, as well as the fact that all the spouses became common. During the holiday sound congratulations and best wishes for the couple from friends and loved ones. This evening the music, the heroes of the occasion among the guests perform the romantic dance, swear love, understanding and fidelity.

What to give for a steel wedding

A wonderful gift for this anniversary will be the decorations of steel. The husband can give a pendant, cufflinks, chain watch with steel finish. Wife will suit earrings, a brooch, necklace or bracelet. You can pre-order for the couple rings made of steel with applied engraved their names and wedding date.

No less useful gift would be the steel kitchenware. Coffee set, set of pots, pans, painted in steel glasses will take pride of place among the utensils of the spouses and to be reminded of such a special event, as the eleventh anniversary of life lived together.

Steel wedding give and interior elements made of this material. For example, it could be lanterns, candle holders, figurines, frames for photos from steel. It is possible to present in honor of this anniversary, curtains, bed linen, towels, decorative pillows color steel.

A special surprise for the couple will be themed gifts. For example, a steel medal with the engraved greetings will be proud of the anniversaries. Glasses with the inscription of the ceremony will remind the husband and wife about the happy day of their wedding. A married couple can give and a steel frame inserted in her wishes of love and faithfulness.

As you can see, there are many options of gifts on the steel wedding. You can buy utensils, ornaments, or furnishings in the store or make an original gift with their own hands.

The main rule – your gift should be steel color, or there needs to be elements of steel. And then the gift presented sincerely and from the heart, not just like anniversaries, but also become a symbol of their love and happiness.
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