The important thing to remember if you are going to give the piggy Bank is what the piggy Bank is empty not give. It is a sign that will lead to poverty and ruin. But if you drop there a few nickels, and handing the piggy Bank, shake it, you hear a clink of coins, this is bound to attract luck and wealth.
Also, choosing a piggy Bank, be guided by the interests of the person you want to present it. For example, the geography buff or traveler – in the form of a globe, a lover of animals – in the form of a cat or bear, and the businessman will approach the Treasury in the form of a large stack of banknotes.
Don't forget your kind words when you give a piggy Bank. If you want her present for the wedding friends, select a piggy Bank with the words "honeymoon" or "Wife of the bling" "holiday at sea" and write a poem congratulation-wishes, echoes the inscription on the piggy Bank. You can negotiate with the host that all guests will have their cash gifts not just to give young or laid on the tray and drop into the piggy Bank. Birthday friend or parents you can also recall their cherished dream and in his congratulatory message to say that you are giving the first funds for its implementation. However, the amount in this case should not be too small.
Piggy banks can give each other on Valentine's day, especially in the form of angels or hearts, with different phrases and declarations of love. After all, you can together there postpone funds for the trip to the sea or buying nice things for the home. Together lower back the first coin and make a wish that your life together was prosperous and happy.
Piggy Bank is a wonderful gift not only for adults but also for children. So children learn frugality, learn save and to save on some big thing, not wasting pocket money on the little things. Believe me, when the piggy is full and the child will be able to get out by all means, go to a store and buy what is wanted, he will begin to understand the value of money and be proud of yourself.
Take care beautiful package for your program. A prank to shove in the slot a few rolled into tubes denominations "Bank of tricks" and Packed in a transparent package. If you give the piggy Bank in gift box, top write "Here is what you will be useful", and congratulating friends, give give the amount of scrublike, and write on the package "do Not have hundred rubles, rather have hundred friends". Your friend will definitely remember and appreciate such a gift.