Decide, be it a single store or you are creating a whole worldwide network. Depending on the scale your market and study competitors. In the first case, go around the area the location of the future of women's boutique clothing, and the second browse Internetsites with similar stores. Thus you will get a number of names of competitors.
Now, study your target audience and determine what type of the beautiful half of humanity designed clothing of your store. This can be a very young adolescent girls, women in the Prime of life or ladies older. Boutique for young people name more fashionable, and store, designed for middle-aged ladies, will fit anything from the classics of the genre.
Also determine the range of goods. Will you sell just outerwear or underwear? Remember that for shop chic dresses are not suitable the name "Clothes for you", and over the store of the pants will look somewhat ridiculous sign "From head to toe." The names of shops of underwear and tights presented in a slightly veiled form. The title should be just a subtle hint for a group of products.
When choosing a name for boutique women's clothes follow one of two paths. Take the names of shops of competitors, have been studied at the moment and come up with something like that. Or Vice versa – think of a word or phrase, absolutely falling out of this range, and even contrary to it. Importantly, the title, regardless of its extravagance, attracted customers, and the store I wanted to go even just for the satisfaction of curiosity: what is sold?".
Pick a name that will be associated with clothing. It should be spoken sweetly and speak out in one breath. It is important that the name of your store and competitors in everyday conversation easily remembered and embedded in the wording of the category: "And you were...".