You will need
  • - wrench;
  • - a pulley;
  • - Ten;
  • - drive belt.
If the reason for the faulty washing machine – a burnt-out motor, to correct the engine failure you may need to replace the brushes, and tachometer pulley. To do this, remove the front or rear cover of the washing machine (the fact that each model has its own characteristics, so in some models you will need to remove the front panel and other rear). Then remove the drive belt and disconnect the motor from the terminal block. Then remove the motor and inspect it carefully for damage one of its main elements.
If on the washing machine burned out the heater or broken pulley, this problem too can be removed at home. Depending on the model washing machine heater can be placed in the area of its front side, or can be placed on the back side of the unit. In view of this, remove the rear or front panel of the washing machine, then carefully Unscrew the spring suspension of the tank washing machine and remove the drive belt. Then, using a wrench Unscrew the nut that holds the pulleyin place, remove it and Sam pulley. To remove the heater, first remove the wire from its terminals, then a special key to loosen the fixing element and remove the heating element, replacing it with a new one. Assembly of a washing machine run in reverse order.
The ability to remove the pulley you will need when you will need to perform the belt replacement. To replace the belt, remove the lid washing machinethat provides access to that element. Then remove the old belt, clean the pulley from its remains, and also check the integrity of the workpiece. If necessary, perform replacement (Unscrew the nut that secures the pulley, remove the item and in its place put a new one). After that, install the new drive belt. Its starting to wear with the pulley.