Breakage that would normally occur during operation of washing machines, usually divided into minor and serious. The first type of damage experts attribute the clogged filters, which is very easy to fix. You just need to clean all filter elements of the cars.
A serious fault can be attributed to the destruction of the supporting bearings of the drum. To define this damage is possible by the fact that the tank is leaking water and it appears a strong backlash. In addition, when starting the machine can vibrate badly and knocking. To resolve this problem you first need to disconnect the appliance from the mains and disconnect all utilities.
Now remove the following covers: front, back and top. Cover often are fastened with hidden snaps. But it still depends on the manufacturer of your washing machine. Now try disconnecting the rubber isolator from the tank. Standard metal clothes pins it is connected with the rim of the tank.
Then look at the top of the tank counterweights, remove them. Disconnect the intake of the pump. Then detach and the belt drive, which connects the impeller shaft to the motor shaft. The tank is also quite easy to remove, as it just hung on springs. In the housing fixed part of the tank installed bearings. They are needed to support a shaft on which the rotating part of the planted tank. The purpose of the repair is the replacement of bearings. Remove them and then replace serviceable parts.
The Assembly of the washing machine isautomaticand is done strictly in the reverse order.