The reasons for stopping the drum of the washing machine, usually three. However, before beginning their searches it is important to take a number of actions that will help avoid worsening of the problem.

You first need to turn off the washing machine, pull out linen and drain the remaining water, re-enabling the washing machine in drain mode. Run it again in normal mode, not worth the problems it will not solve, but worsen the situation.

Then you need to disconnect washing machine from power, open it and remove the back cover. This is done simply, in most models it is secured with a few screws.

The problem with the drive belt

To determine the possible causes of the stop of the drum will be useful before calling the wizard, because you will be able to pinpoint the damage and to learn the specific cost of repairs or even fix it all yourself. So the reasons, as already mentioned, three. The first problem is a drive belt that transfers power from the motor to the drum.

The strap is the weak point in any washing machine. It can either break or come off, which often occurs when he more than five years. If that's a problem, you are "lucky", it can be solved yourself, without calling the wizard. Just put it on the allotted space if it jumped, and if it breaks, then buy new, they are sold in stores plumbing. Of course, you can invoke the wizard is always better, especially if you have no experience or desire to do it themselves. The renovation will cost, on average, from five hundred to one thousand roubles.

Problem with motor or bearings

If the belt is all right, we are left with two possible options. They are more serious and deal with them independently is unlikely. Stop the drum could cause burnt/jammed motor or clogged bearings. It is also a pretty common problem and to eliminate it you will have to call the master. Repair in this case will be quite expensive and can result in half the cost of a new washing machine. If your washing machine is more than 7-10 years, it makes sense to think about upgrading, as it jammed the drum can only be the beginning of a succession of failures.