You will need
  • spanner 13 mm,
  • - wrench 17 mm
  • - mount,
  • - the range.
To verify correct belt tension, you need to put over the pulley on the alternator and water pump any flat, metal object such as a narrow mount. Then you want to press your hand down on the center of the belt, then measure with a ruler deflection, which is when the force equal to 3-4 kg, should not SAG more than one inch. If the test measurement does not correspond to the norm, it is necessary to adjust belt tension of alternator drive belt.
To solve the problem is the loose nut of fastening of the generator to a tension lath and bolt the lower mount to the engine bracket.
Then pry the alternator away from the engine, and in this position is fixed by tightening the nuts on the tensioning strap. Then check the degree of belt tension.
If the tension meets the technical requirements, then the final tightening of the upper and lower mounting of the alternator on the engine.
In cases where the tension of the timing belt didn't execute properly, then mandatory to repeat the process.