You will need
  • - computer or Communicator.
Use one of the reference systems in the Internet. Directories containing addresses and phone numbers of the residents of St. Petersburg, there are many. Including free data 2011. Enter in the fields to search these systems a well known name and view the results. The more information you know about the man and less common than his name, the more precise your search results will be.
Use the search engines many social networks. It is possible that the person you are looking for, there was under his real name. Then if you know him in person, you will only carefully review the pictures and other personal data.
Give free (or paid) wanted. It's easy to do, using the same Internet. Don't limit yourself to just Newspapers and Bulletin boards. Visit still popular among residents of St. Petersburg sites and forums, and regional groups in social networks etc., Even if the person you are looking for, these resources do not attend, your ad may be seen by someone close to him – friends, acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors. And then you will be able to find it with their help.
Register on a Single portal of public and municipal services Wait two weeks until you will be mailed a certified letter with an activation code on the portal. Then, through your personal account, submit a request in address to the support service of the Federal migration service of St. Petersburg, typing the name of the person in the appropriate fields of the application form No. 13B. Your request for search data will be processed not more than 10 days. If the person you are looking for, and registered in Saint-Petersburg or LO, the staff of the FMS will tell you his contacts, and he yours. Or send a request by regular mail to the address: 191123, St.-Petersburg, Foundry Avenue, d. 6, putting an empty envelope for the response. Or call there in person, arriving in Saint Petersburg.