Before you begin to remove stains from the jacket, clean it and shake. Then try the solution on an inconspicuous place that it does not corrode the fabric and its color. If the stain is small, use the pipette.
If the jacket is stained drops of iodine, remove them with a solution of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). To make this, dissolve one tablet of vitamin C in a teaspoon of warm water and apply this solution on the contaminated place. Wait a few minutes and you will see that the stains will not be over.
For large areas of contamination, increase the amount of water and the amount of ascorbic acid. Also iodine stains from the jacket can be removed using alcohol or milk. Dampen the spot a few times, and then wash your jacket in soap and water.
Fat on a fresh stain sprinkle salt and gently RUB. If the stain persists, repeat the operation several times. And silk jackets grease stains remove with a pinch of salt dissolved in ammonia.
Stains from fruit and berries can be removed with hot water, hot milk or hydrogen peroxide. Using the latter, dissolve one teaspoon in a glass of water. Then the spot where the stain, rinse with cold water.
The stain of soot before processing degrease, then soak the pine turpentine and blot with a soft cloth. After that, apply a soap solution of any washing powder and carefully RUB with a brush (old toothbrush). The place with the stain rinse with warm water. If the material of the jacket is very dirty, instead of washing powder, use egg yolk.
On a light jacket may remain ravee traces that delete the following manner. Moisten a cotton ball in 10% aStore tartaric or citric acid, and at the end of processing the contaminated area thoroughly wash with cold water.