If the item is washable, try to wash a grease spot ordinary soap. If the washing is not available – clean thing, put it under the stain cloth and sprinkle it with potato starch.
Wait until the part of the starch is not absorbed by the fabric, and clean cloth. Then, pour one more portion of the starch, and then brush until the stain is blackness, and all the fat is not absorbed by the starch.
Fresh grease stain effectively sprinkle with salt, changing the salt as the absorption of fat.
You can also spot treat with talcum powder, then cover the thing, laid out on a flat surface, a tracing and Ironing. Similarly, a fresh stain you can sprinkle crushed dry chalk and leave for two hours, then brush off the chalk brush.
Dilute three tablespoons of ammonia half a teaspoon of salt. Received a liquid treat the stain until it disappears.
If the stain does not go away, as it is persistent and chronic, dissolve potato flour with water to a thick slurry, and apply it on the stain. After a few hours remove the flour mixture and treat the spot with a stain soaked in gasoline with a cloth.
After that wipe the stain with a piece of stale bread, and wash the thing in warm water. Gasoline in General is effective in the elimination old spots – put under the spot tracing paper, soaked with gasoline and wipe the stain from the edges to the center from the outside. Rinse the cloth in warm water.
Also old spot hot you can sprinkle with potato starch, gently rubbing it into the fabric.
For light fabrics preferably used in the purification of ammonia, diluted in cold water.
For silk fabrics soften cleaning solutions glycerin – add a tablespoon of glycerin and half tablespoon of ammonia in a tablespoon of water.
With woolen clothes grease stain well to remove gasoline, and with velvet – a slice of warmed bread.
Skin spots are removed with a mixture of dry starch and gasoline, and carpets – sawdust soaked in gasoline.