You will need
  • - passport;
  • - money.
At the conclusion of the agreement with the Bank to service as an individual, you will only need to bring personal passport and some money. So, in Sberbank of Russia the minimum amount for opening a Bank account is 10 rubles. If you are a citizen of a foreign state, to open an account you will need to provide a document confirming your right to stay in Russia.
Explain to the Bank employee, working in the Department of Deposit operations, what kind of account you need, ruble or foreign currency what types of cash transactions you want to produce with it. Based on your wishes, you will choose the most optimal variant of the Bank account. Before signing the contract carefully read its terms and conditions, please note the interest charged by the Bank when making its client financial transactions.
If the conditions you are satisfied, sign a contract for opening and servicing your account with the Bank, give it to the employee passport information. On your copy of the contract must present the same stamp and signature and the remaining in the Bank.
Leave a special card issued by the Bank a sample of your signature for subsequent identification. In the future, all the documents signed by you in the banking institution, you will need to have the same signature as in the sample.
After conclusion of the contract on banking service you can put cash into your account. This can be done in the operating window of the Bank, taking with him his copy of the contract, passport and a sum of money. In some banking institutions, the employees themselves send each other information about the new client, and a contract for service the cashier to hold you in this case, it is not necessary.
Opening a personal account, then you can order a plastic card, it will allow you to more efficiently manage your funds. In particular, to withdraw money you don't have to go to the Bank, you will be able to use almost any ATM. In addition, you will always be aware of all transactions on your account.
Some banks additionally offer the service of Internet banking to manage the account via the Internet. At least this service only allows to view financial information. It is quite convenient – you will have the ability to view all details of financial transactions, while you won't have to worry that someone will steal your data and use them to withdraw money from your account.