Make a list of words associated with luxury, wealth, influence. Such words are pronounced by the people, wishing to emphasize the superiority. For them, the important visible signs. Don't forget to include in the list the names of expensive cars, watches, resorts, etc.
Think about the people who avoid frills, an abundance of jewelry. They prefer a dignified modesty. They haven't brought many things, but high quality. Find such people among the famous people and listen to what words they use to Express their relationship to the world. Add these words to the General list.
Pay attention to those who are important to grace. This includes creative people, owning professional skills in creating the external appearance: the artists, designers, etc. They also use special words for expression. Listen to the interview these people and add new phrases to the list.
Some people like to give gifts. They attach special importance to it. Watch the fellowship of such people on forums, in social networks. Write the words that they convey a vision of life.
Add to the list of phrases affecting the scope of investments and savings. Some buy jewelry with such purposes. Typical words you will find on the discussion forums.
Make the resulting list as a table of 3 columns. In the 1st column position of the found word. In the 2nd write them in Latin letters. In the 3rd write the English names. It is useful when selecting a domain name website.
Define your target audience based on the location of the store, personal goals and other reasons.
Pick up names, looking at the list. Sostakovits words and parts of words. Ideas write separately.