If you have a long period of time been struggling to choose a name, or a priori, understand that your imagination is capable of generating a good name for the shopand the jewelry, do not worry. Please contact one of the many companies that specialize in naming, i.e. the selection according to certain criteria names for any companies. For a prearranged fee, you will be offered the unit names, from which you will choose the one that you prefer.
If you decide not to use the services of professionals, pay attention to the following things. Examine the situation in the city and especially in the area where is located your shop. Even if you'll have the company of a completely different profile, but with the same name, it will still lead to confusion.
Find out what the names are of other stores implements jewelry and costume jewelry. There are several basic blocks that share names. Female name - in honor of the mistress of the cabin, cousin, of the ancient goddess and so on. Rare names (Evredika Frey, Francoise), or more familiar, but the melodic (for example, Alexander – all in tune with the alexandrite stone and immediately associated with the jewelry business) will look on the sign is appropriate. But, agree, Claudia or Zinaida – would grate on the ear.
Note the Russian and foreign words associated with the jewelry and fashion world Shine, Shine, style, elegance, glamour, etc. they can be chosen different adjectives, for example, "modern Shine" or "Brilliant style".
Try to match abbreviations. Think, maybe your initials or someone close to you will be a beautiful combination? Reduction can carry a deeper meaning. For example, you name your company "House of interesting things", abbreviated to "DIV". But div (Deva) – this is the spirit in mythology, which owns a large amount of jewelry and ornaments. To beat such a meaning of the name you will be able then to advertising companies.
If any of the following names is not busy, feel free to take it to his shopand jewelry. But remember that the name is of great importance for a successful business, so snapped up and iterate over all options to stay in the end on the best.