Advice 1: How to name the jewelry store

If the person meet on clothes, shop – by name. It should be easy to memorize and pronounce, but original and catchy. And the name of the storeand the jewelry should be as stylish and brilliant as your products.
How to name the jewelry store
If you have a long period of time been struggling to choose a name, or a priori, understand that your imagination is capable of generating a good name for the shopand the jewelry, do not worry. Please contact one of the many companies that specialize in naming, i.e. the selection according to certain criteria names for any companies. For a prearranged fee, you will be offered the unit names, from which you will choose the one that you prefer.
If you decide not to use the services of professionals, pay attention to the following things. Examine the situation in the city and especially in the area where is located your shop. Even if you'll have the company of a completely different profile, but with the same name, it will still lead to confusion.
Find out what the names are of other stores implements jewelry and costume jewelry. There are several basic blocks that share names. Female name - in honor of the mistress of the cabin, cousin, of the ancient goddess and so on. Rare names (Evredika Frey, Francoise), or more familiar, but the melodic (for example, Alexander – all in tune with the alexandrite stone and immediately associated with the jewelry business) will look on the sign is appropriate. But, agree, Claudia or Zinaida – would grate on the ear.
Note the Russian and foreign words associated with the jewelry and fashion world Shine, Shine, style, elegance, glamour, etc. they can be chosen different adjectives, for example, "modern Shine" or "Brilliant style".
Try to match abbreviations. Think, maybe your initials or someone close to you will be a beautiful combination? Reduction can carry a deeper meaning. For example, you name your company "House of interesting things", abbreviated to "DIV". But div (Deva) – this is the spirit in mythology, which owns a large amount of jewelry and ornaments. To beat such a meaning of the name you will be able then to advertising companies.
If any of the following names is not busy, feel free to take it to his shopand jewelry. But remember that the name is of great importance for a successful business, so snapped up and iterate over all options to stay in the end on the best.
Can come up with many: "Shine," "Glitter" CHARM "TCHOTCHKE" "Trifles" "Crystal" "a Brilliant choice" "Naughty lady," "Temptation" "Hairpins" "bead" "Pearl" "Pin" "Bijou" Live "Fashion jewelry" "Flirty" "Beauty" "Dream" "Women's secrets"....All 4 answers

Advice 2: How to name a jewelry store

The name of the jewelry store can be intriguing, to charm, to attract. Before choosing a name you should decide which category of buyers will be the key. These people are by name, determines that the store created for them. If the store will serve customers through the Internet, the name should read in English transcription.
How to name a jewelry store
Make a list of words associated with luxury, wealth, influence. Such words are pronounced by the people, wishing to emphasize the superiority. For them, the important visible signs. Don't forget to include in the list the names of expensive cars, watches, resorts, etc.
Think about the people who avoid frills, an abundance of jewelry. They prefer a dignified modesty. They haven't brought many things, but high quality. Find such people among the famous people and listen to what words they use to Express their relationship to the world. Add these words to the General list.
Pay attention to those who are important to grace. This includes creative people, owning professional skills in creating the external appearance: the artists, designers, etc. They also use special words for expression. Listen to the interview these people and add new phrases to the list.
Some people like to give gifts. They attach special importance to it. Watch the fellowship of such people on forums, in social networks. Write the words that they convey a vision of life.
Add to the list of phrases affecting the scope of investments and savings. Some buy jewelry with such purposes. Typical words you will find on the discussion forums.
Make the resulting list as a table of 3 columns. In the 1st column position of the found word. In the 2nd write them in Latin letters. In the 3rd write the English names. It is useful when selecting a domain name website.
Define your target audience based on the location of the store, personal goals and other reasons.
Pick up names, looking at the list. Sostakovits words and parts of words. Ideas write separately.
Useful advice
Preparatory rough work carefully conduct themselves. Of course, the choice of the name do some time with friends to get new ideas.

Advice 3: How to open a jewelry store

Jewelry can not be called goods of the first necessity. It may seem that the idea to open a fashion jewelry store will fail. But if a closer consider selling jewelry as a business, then it is possible to earn good money. The main thing – to approach the matter with the utmost seriousness.
How to open a jewelry store

Main customers jewelry are young women, which does not chase fashion. They buy a beautiful product, but not expensive. Therefore, the opening of the jewelry store is a good way to make money. Of course, before you read all the disadvantages and benefits of this business and also learn where to purchase the product.

The attractiveness of the business

The jewelry store can open, even for inexperienced entrepreneurs. But it is not all advantages of this business, let's consider them:

1. Rent small spaces will not require large expenditures.

2. To buy the goods yourself, you don't need special equipment, knowledge, skilled personnel.

3. Jewelry is a small-sized product, so I'll need to rent a large room.

4. A business process is simple: purchase the product, to exhibit, to sell. To pay tax and produce the necessary expenses.

5. Selection of suppliers is huge. It is possible to order the jewelry wholesale from China. Sometimes the margin on goods is up to 500 percent – the benefits are obvious!


Where the same without them! Jewelry is sold everywhere: in the subway, in tents, in stores and shopping malls. But do not assume from the business unprofitable. After all, you don't need to spend money on serious advertising. So you will find its customers, it is only necessary to pay attention to the beauty and quality of the product.

Before opening the store, study the market, but rather a range of competitors.

The most demanded niche in this business - youth jewelry, various hair ornaments, watches and so on. Also in his jewelry store you can start selling the handwritten material for creating ornaments, such as beads. This way you will attract more buyers.

Suppliers and range

This stage can be called before opening the jewelry store the most difficult. Although it will depend on the profitability of the business.

If you chose Russian suppliers, it is more convenient: you can evaluate the quality of products, to see him immediately before the acquisition, to touch. But here's the downside: the price of goods is higher. But Chinese goods are cheap, but the quality sometimes leaves much to be desired. Here you never know what you get. But if you're lucky, you find a supplier with a quality product with which you can further always mutually beneficial to cooperate.

Products can be ordered from abroad. But keep in mind that the received product may differ from what you saw in the photo.

Premises, equipment, personnel

A large area is not needed. Walk into any jewelry store - usually they are always small. The ideal option would be the opening of a store in the Mall. There is a large cross, someone interested in the shiny ornaments.

Sellers should hire four that they worked in a pair of "two by two". If you need an accountant, hire it outsourcing arrangement. If you have enough knowledge, you get the bookkeeping themselves. A janitor and a security guard, usually available in shopping centers.

Of equipment you'll need beautiful Windows and office. Visitors should be convenient to consider decorating.

How to attract clients

The conventional methods of advertising to attract customers:

  • Pay attention to the sign of the store, the product packaging.
  • Provide actions, for example, "if you buy two rings, the third in a gift". About them spread the word inside a shopping Mall, you can hire someone to distribute flyers.
  • Normal sale clients also love.


Finally, I would like to note that in Russia the profitability of this business is quite high. For jewelry there is always demand all year round it sells well. Of course, in the first month do not expect huge profits, such a beautiful and promising business on average pays for itself in six months.

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