Register SP. Any farm, even a small family, whose products will be exhibited for sale is the tool of entrepreneurship. During the occupation, the purpose of which is recovery of benefits, you must pay taxes to the state. For the implementation of such activities should be compulsory registration. You can, of course, to consider other forms of business registration, but for small family farms would be the easiest way to work with sole proprietorship.
Select the type of farm. This is one of the determinants in the creation of the farm. First, you need to determine the ambitions of your farm. Whether you are producing agricultural products for themselves and their neighbors is either going to work on a large scale.Another issue that we need to decide for yourself, your farm will specialize in a single activity (the cultivation of wheat, potatoes, pigs, chickens, dairy cows), or there will be a little bit of everything. If choose farm specialist, then you need to decide what you will be able to better grow in your area, what crops and what animals. In General, you need to come from the General to the specific and on this basis to plan their future farm activities.
Make a business plan. Whatever type of farm you choose, you definitely need to plan. To calculate the possibilities, to see if you get any benefits from the state, loans from banks. It is also important to determine the payback period idea to not have your efforts wasted.
Weigh all the risks. You have to understand that the cost of large-scale farm would be significant (10-20 million rubles), to sell directly will be hard, if you have no connections in this area (due to the presence of large number of intermediaries), and the wholesalers will buy your goods cheap.If you plan to have the farm for its own security and the sale of goods to neighbors, friends and acquaintances, it is not necessary in this case to dream about some significant profits.
Begin to act. If you do decide to start his farm, got the IP, wrote the business plan, then you need to proceed to concrete action. Buy or rent land, stock, grain, build, or purchase ready-made space for storage. If you grow cattle, you need to buy the necessary equipment, as well as the animals themselves. Don't forget about the wage workers who will need to be issued in accordance with the law. Farming – occupation is hard, and success awaits you only in the case where such business you have is the soul. For the purposes of their own gain you can choose where easier ways of entrepreneurship.