You will need
  • - collation statement (form INV-18);
  • - inventory card;
  • - technical passport of the object.
Comparative statement consists of the table part and the cap. First fill out the top form. Write the name of the organization, it should be the same as in the founding documents, it is desirable to specify it completely, for example, the limited liability company "Vostok". If you need inventory in the business unit, then select it with the line below, for example, transport division.
Next, specify the basis for performing the inventory, it may be the order and decree, and the decree of the head. Don't forget to register the number and date of this administrative document.
Then fill a small table to the right. In it specify at the OKPO code, type of activity, serial number and the date of this statement, and the period of holding inventory.
Below the name of the document you will see the gaps that need to enter the following information: end date of the inventory and individuals who are responsible for the integrity of the inventoried values.
Then proceed to fill the table part. Enter the order number, name and a brief description of the facility according to inventory cards, and technical passports. In that case, if the property is leased, please fill in column 3.
In column 4, write the year of release of the object. Graphs 5,6 and 7 complete accordance with supporting documents, e.g. certificate of registration of the property.
Then continue completing the inventory. If the identified surplus, then enter 8, 9 columns, and if short – 10, 11. Below bring the total for the identified deviations.
The comparative statement must be signed by the accountant and the members of the inventory Commission. Fill in this document in two copies, one of which – deliver to the accounting Department and the second to leave in the hands of the materially responsible person.