For inventory of fixed assets (buildings, devices, machines and equipment, vehicles, tools, computers, manufacturing equipment) use form INV-1.
Before the test take the material-the responsible person a receipt for the transfer of all documents relating to checked objects to the accounting Department. This receipt is the title page of the entire act.
Complete the following fields: date - enter the date of inventory, "Operation" - what exactly was carried out, "the Warehouse" - displays the warehouse in which inventory was carried out. In the "MOL" indicate responsible person for this warehouse. In the "warehouse Section" - write the name of the Department store where he carried out the verification process.
The inventory will complete "Actual existence". Specify the number of inventoried objects in fact. If there are objects for which information is missing, include in the inventory the absence of additional information. Inventory control separate groups of manufacturing and non-manufacturing nature. Act fill in two copies, signed by each member of the inventory Commission. The property survey Board consists of at least three persons: a representative of the accounting Department to the materially responsible person and the representative of a third unit (e.g. sales). One copy shall pass to the accounting Department, the second to Express the materially responsible person.
When testing intangible assets is filled the act form INV-1A. The algorithm of filling is the same as in the inventory of fixed assets. Make two copies. One pass in accounting, the second person responsible for the safety of documents confirming the right of the organization on the use of intangible assets. If testing will be found of intangible assets, the data are not in the accounting report, include them in the inventory.
To reflect the actual availability commodity-material values (goods, finished products, inventories, other reserves) use form INV-3. Follow the same step-by-step fill in two forms.