Advice 1: How to make a table in WordPad

The text in WordPad has one feature – it is impossible to create tables. However, the table can be imported from other programs, such as MS Word or MS Excel.
How to make a table in WordPad

Text editor WordPad

WordPad is a text editor that is installed by default on all Windows operating systems. Unlike Notepad, this program is able to not only edit, but also reformat the text. In addition, WordPad supports graphical objects, and can import objects from other programs. But compared to other text editors it's quite a simple app with limited features.

Create a table in WordPad

To insert a table in WordPad requires the presence another software that is able to create tables. For example, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. First you need to run the text editor WordPad. The easiest way to find it by going to the start menu and typing the program name in the "search programs and files". Next you need to specify the location in the document where you wish to place the table (by putting the mouse cursor in a certain place).

To insert a table in WordPad, it must in the menu bar (at the top of the document), select "Insert" and "Insert object". This will open a new dialog box, on the left side which you need to select "Create new" and then in the field "object Type" to choose a program that is able to work with spreadsheets. For example, select "Microsoft Excel Worksheet". After pressing the "OK" button will begin processing the insert object and a new window will open Microsoft Excel.

In the next window of Excel you can create a table of the necessary size, fill it with data, here to format, etc. all changes in Excel will be instantly displayed in WordPad – it will draw a table, it will appear, write one word and it will appear immediately.

The table is saved as a picture, and it will be possible to move the document to any location. And if you need to edit some of the data is enough to click twice on the table and again a window will open MS Excel where you can make changes.

To import a table from MS Word to WordPad too easy. You need to select again in the menu bar "Insert – Insert object" and choose in the field "object Type" item "Microsoft Word Document". In the window that opens MS Word to draw a table in two ways. The first is to choose in the menu bar and "table – Draw table button and manually draw a table. The second way is to select in the panel menu table – Insert – table, to specify the number of columns and rows and the program will draw a table. Cut or copy it is not required, since all changes are automatically saved in WordPad.

Advice 2: How to edit a table in Word

Sometimes, after creating the table, you need to edit it to add or remove columns and rows, select cells, change font... of MS Word provides many ways to work with tables.


How to select table elements

To edit, you must highlight the entire table or its individual elements. The adjacent elements it is most convenient to select with the mouse. Place the cursor in the desired location, hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse in the horizontal or vertical direction. If you want to edit cells, columns or rows that each other are not contiguous, select one group of elements, hold down the Ctrl key and select another group..

To select a single column or row, place the cursor in one of their cells. In the menu item "table" under "Select" click the desired item. Similarly, you can mark an entire table or an individual cell.

If you are using Word 2010, under "Working with tables" tab "table Layout" and click the icon "table". Under "Select" select Quick selection of a group of cells.

How to add rows, columns, and cells

In Word 2003, select the cursor in the cell next to it should be a new row, column or cell. In the menu item "table" under "Insert" select the desired element and method of insertion.

In Word 2010, click the right mouse button on the desired cell and on the shortcut menu, click Paste.

How to delete a table and its elements

Select the items you want to delete, or the entire table. If you are using Word 2003, the menu "table" in the "Remove" choose the desired command. To delete an entire table you must click on "Select" in the menu "table".

In Word 2010 the "Delete" button located in the tab "Layout" in the section "Working with tables". Select the element and the method of its removal.

If you want to delete the contents of the table, select it with the mouse and press Delete. In the same way are cleared rows, columns and cells.

How to change column width and row height

Move the cursor to the border of the column or row whose size you want to change. When the pointer changes to two arrows directed in different directions, hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse border in the desired direction.

Working with cells

If you want to split an individual cell into rows and columns, click the right mouse button. In Word 2003, click the "Split cells" and specify the desired number of columns and rows. In Word 2010 this task is performed by the command "Split cells".

If you want to merge several cells into one, select adjacent cells, click them, right click and select in context menu "Merge cells".

You can select horizontal or vertical arrangement of the text in the cell. Click on the cell, right click, then "text Direction" drop-down menu. In the "Orientation" window direction, specify the desired location.

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