Often "dirty tricks" Dachshund does when you're not home. Appearing in a few hours, he punishes the dog. The puppy, however, not able to link between these two events. "Crime" was committed long ago, and punishment followed the arrival of the owner. And was it a crime? Dogs – animals schooling. Left alone, the baby is under stress. You have to wait, but it's pretty hard. He may have nothing to do. So he tries to compensate for the fear and boredom accessible and enjoyable way. Punishment communicates only with the master's wish to strengthen its dominant position. The puppy and his behavior expresses obedience, and the owner (pack leader!) erroneously believes that the boy understood why he was punished. Is it any wonder that the dog continues to "fouling". Punishment is the most useless action taken by the owner in this case.
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It is best that during the day the dog someone was looking out. If this is not possible, in advance, remove all valuable and dangerous out of reach of the pet. Hide the wires, close the Wallpaper leaves finery, remove shoes, etc.
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Buy special toys that you can chew and chew. Praise and encourage your dog when she deals with them. Leaving home, leave on the floor favorite toy of your pet. The dog is easier to meet the owner, if it is in the middle of something.
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Set a clear agenda and stick to it. The puppy will get used to it and it will be much easier to bear loneliness. He will feel that, for example, a couple of hours followed by exercise or an evening stroll, and see what happens.
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For normal mental health and development of puppy needs the full range of work and communication. The Dachshund dog is very active. May your baby not get enough exercise. Make the walk longer, take the dog developing teams. Try to make it more likely to receive new impressions.
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If the problem fails, think about purchasing a special enclosure for dogs. Before leaving home a good feed rate. Put her in the cage. Be sure to leave toys. Near the aviary put a bowl of water so that the puppy could reach out to her. This measure will prevent your house from the destructive action of a dog's teeth and your pet from possible injuries.