If you have finally decided to take a puppy home, you take only three months or younger. Small adult dogs usually do not attack, but against the older puppies can not only be aggressive, but to act accordingly – to jump, to bite, to fight.
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The first few days keep the animals in separate rooms, do not connect with each other. After a couple of days, you can swap them so that they are not met. For example, ask a family member to transfer the puppy in the room where there is a dog while you're out with her. Let it the ban that room, and came back, the dog will live in the other. So they will quickly get used to the smell of each other. If you notice that the dog tends to react to foreign scent – barks and growls, punish and scold her. Any manifestation of aggression is necessary to prevent punishment. Some owners believe that a vicious dog can be calm, uttering gentle words and trying to pet them. But because the animal may think that you approve of his aggressiveness.
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After a few days, introduce your puppy and dog with each other. Adult be sure to hold while on the leash but do not pull it. If you see that she is aggressive, punish her, tell them to "sit." Let the puppy sniff around the dog, stopping her displeasure. The first time such a "session" should not last more than ten minutes, and then take the dogs in different rooms. Several times a day arrange such meetings for 10-15 minutes and only in your presence. It will take two to three weeks before the adult dog gets used to the puppy.
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Make it clear to the dogs that one of them you're more important than the other. For example, if they both growl at each other, first punish the younger, even if the beginning of the first adult. The older the dog, feed first, walk first puppy, pay a little more attention and affection, make sure she was getting his bone or toy. Feed the dogs separately. They grew accustomed to in the pack was a hierarchical relationship, so if they clearly know their position in the family, problems will arise. But do not let an adult dog beginning to behave like a leader. You – the owner of both dogs and needs to show his leadership in front of them. Behave according to the rule of first come and go in the door, ignore the dog when she asks for food or bothering you, disable to lie on the couch or chair.
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Few weeks both dogs get used to each other and start to behave calmly. If aggression is no longer there, you can leave them alone in the absence of the owner. Conduct training the puppy, but don't forget to spend more time with an adult dog. Over time, you get to make friends with a dog and a puppy.

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