You will need
  • 2.5 meters satin ribbon the right color, Pointe shoes, thread, needle, pencil
2.5 meters satin ribbon pink cut into 4 equal parts. The edges of the strips sear over the fire of a candle or lighter, so they are not disbanded.
Now you need to find a place where they are sewed tapes. Take the ballet shoes that the heel is soft and easy to bend. Fold the heel inside the Shoe towards the toe.
Mark with a pencil the location of the bend on the side parts. It is in this direction and this angle will be sewn to the ribbon.
Make sure that the ribbon is shiny side out. Tuck the edge of the tape by 1 cm and sew small stitches on the inner side flats. Sew carefully, capturing the inner layer of fabric and canvas lining. Try not to leave visible stitches on the front side of the shoes. Thread choose a thin but durable suitable color. Sometimes these goals even sew with dental floss!
Sew in the described way all four tapes. If new Pointe shoes, you can make a mark "left" and "right", not to be confused the first time.