What you'll need for sewing caps?

Before starting to sew the hat, you will need to stock up on the necessary materials. Prepare a small piece of thick cotton or linen fabric, some old baseball cap and scraps of fabric for applique. Also to work you will need: a piece of plastic for the visor, cut tape, Velcro, glue for fabrics, graphite pencil. And don't forget about the standard set of accessories for sewing.

How to sew a cap based on ready-made caps

To start working best with ripping the old caps on the individual components. You should get such details as wedges, strap and visor. Then fold the fabric in two and put details on it. When you do this, be sure to observe the correct fractional location of the thread. Carefully trace the parts and cut them out along the contours. As a result, you get six wedges (4 must be the correct form, and 2 neck). Will also be 4 bars and a couple of parts for the visor.

After cutting, you can start stitching elements. To start the wedges, you will need to sew together, and then sheathing the sun visor on both sides. Around the perimeter of the visor you need to pave the stitching used to secure the plastic. Try to make it as smooth. Details of an old baseball caps will act as a lining for the new caps. Wedges will need to connect the pins and then to sew.

Then double-strips and remove them with pins. Make the stitching and sew on both strips of Velcro. The hat and the lining connect to the face. Make sure that they fully coincide. In the rear part of the insert strips with Velcro.

If you want the hat tight enough to sit on my head, make small incisions in the occipital part and prostrochite them on the sewing machine. But note that the side pieces should be stitched. Then carefully fasten the visor with pins and make a seam on the sewing machine. Finally, you should sew the rim on the cap.

But that's not all, because the cap requires additional decoration. The zigzag scissors to cut out the flowers from a pre-selected tissue. Partially sew them and glue to the cap. Use for such purposes a special glue for fabric. And you've got yourself a cute summer hat! But if you want you can do without floral decorations or replace it with another.