In conditions of zero gravity for any liquid, including water, are only surface tension forces, and therefore, if it is left to itself, i.e., be extracted from the vessel in which it is stored, it will take a spherical shape. By the way, in space where there is no gravity, the water flow will not. You have to shake out of container as some of the thick syrup.
The resulting balloon or several balloons floating in the air, not so easily put into a saucepan or kettle to heat. They will be distributed on the surface of the vessel and the internal walls will flow on the outer, enveloping layer of water the entire vessel. What should I do? Remember that water wets the body, which is covered with a layer of fat. Therefore, in order to keep it in your tank, it is necessary to grease the edges inside and outside with a thin layer of fat.
The next problem is the use of the heating device. If you are not electricity and gas, you will see that soon after ignition of the gas burner damped. It is easy to explain. Formed during the combustion of combustible gases, including carbon dioxide. When there is gravity, combustion products, warmer and lighter, is displaced by fresh air. But in the conditions of weightlessness it is not, and carbon dioxide with water vapor to surround the flame, blocking the fresh air. To solve this problem, you need to blow the place burning, to create movement of gases.
Warm up in these conditions, the water will be too unusual. On Earth there is such a thing as convection. When heated, decreasing the density of water, and heated the lower layer rises, and takes his place less heated mass of water. This constant circulation of warm and cold layers leads to the fact that the temperature of the water in the vessel gradually increases. But in zero gravity convection no. Heating of water leads to an increase in the size of vapor bubbles, and they combined into one huge steam bubble at the bottom, quickly pushing cold water from the upper layers of the vessel. So if you provide water in zero gravity to heat up without your intervention, it is turning into a frothy, will just get out of the pan. But if the heating water quickly and to mix, more or less evenly heat it still be able. But to boil it can't, because steam will have time to displace all the water from the vessel before it all comes to a boil.