If you are a fragile girl who is afraid to get pumped muscles on the hands, immediately listen to the next advice. Today, there are several ways that allow you to quickly get rid of this problem.
First, put certain limits affecting the amount of consumed carbohydrates. Don't bother about the fats. The fact is that carbohydrates form a subcutaneous folds in the case, if not in time turn into energy.
Second, if possible refrain from sweet and fatty foods. These delicacies have unpleasant feature – to accumulate water in the muscles. As a result, around them also causes the fats. Thus, the best food are the foods high in protein: cheese, chicken, eggs, etc.
Third, pay attention to cardio exercise. They will allow you in a short time to get rid of considerable muscle mass. It's enough to do aerobics a few times a day. In most cases, such exercises do before Breakfast and 2 hours after dinner.
Fourth, to create smoother outlines of hands do stretching exercises. A similar exercise perform slowly, don't rush. Try to devote an hour a day.
Fifth, carefully follow all its changes and sensations. With this purpose, keep a training diary in which to record the number and type of exercises performed, food eaten, etc. So you can keep track of that at the moment your body needs. Keep the body take in various vitamins.
Finally, try to love yoga. This technique allows to relax the whole body, to achieve amazing ease and grace. In addition, you will feel rested.