Even toned arm muscles under fat deposits look unattractive. To get rid of excess weight, you must reduce the consumption rate of calories. The calculation must be made, taking into account physical activity, and physical parameters such as your height, weight, age and gender. In the Internet there are many online services where possible with maximum accuracy to calculate the daily calorie intake for weight loss. Pay more attention to the quality of products, avoid starchy foods, sweet and fatty.
Physical activity is a necessary condition in bringing the arm muscles to tone. In addition to the obvious benefits to the muscular tissues, physical exercise improve metabolism, reduce body fat, a beneficial effect on the skin and fight against cellulite. For hands useful swimming the crawl and breaststroke, volleyball, rowing, kayaking and special simulator. Very effective simple exercises such as pushups and pullups on the bar.
To make the hands look beautiful and toned, you need to pump three shoulder muscles: biceps, triceps and deltoid. To study you need to purchase dumbbells or the weights on the wrist, the weight of which must be chosen, focusing on their physical fitness and total body parameters. A slender woman of small stature can take polukilogrammovy weights, and the big girl with the experience of professional sports suited dumbbells weighing 3 kg.
Before the lesson, warm up your muscles by performing a few circular rotations by hands forward and back. The deltoid muscle is strengthened when lifting the arms up. Stand up straight, lower your hands with dumbbells along the body. Raise your hands slightly bent at the elbows to the sides until shoulder level. Repeat 7-10 times. Raise straight arms in front of you to chest level. Do 7-10 times. Raise the dumbbells at your sides to the level of the armpits. Do 7-10 times.
Biceps, you can tone the following exercises. Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hands with dumbbells lower, and rotate the palms forward. Slowly bend your arms, making sure that the elbows do not lift off the body. Repeat 7-10 times. Take in hand two dumbbells and bend the hand as in the previous exercise. Perform 5-7 times with each hand.
Triceps in daily life is rarely used, so this muscle usually looks very droopy and lethargic. Its tone can be improved by performing the following exercises. Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower hands with dumbbells along the body, palms turn to the body. Lean forward. Vigorously, unbend and bend your arms. Keep your elbows from the body. Repeat 7-10 times. Lie on your stomach. Pull the hands with dumbbells along the body. Raise up your hands, trying to keep them parallel to each other. Repeat 10-12 times.