To maximize the use of the "task Manager", it is necessary to configure it correctly. Open the utility (Ctrl + Alt + Del), select "View" - "Choose columns". Birds note: "process ID", "CPU", "Memory usage", "USER Objects", "user Name". You will not be able to see the hidden processes, but more detailed information is visible, too, is very useful. For example, a simple Trojan programs disguised as process svchost.exe. The original process in the "user Name" is marked as SYSTEM. The process of the Trojan will have the status Admin, that is launched as administrator.
To hide its presence from the "task Manager" is now capable of almost any well-written Trojan. Is it possible to detect in this case? Here come to the aid of a special utility, which allows to detect hidden processes. Very easy to use program AnVir Task Manager, which allows to identify a harmful program. The program has a Russian interface, it can be downloaded free on the Internet.
Very good opportunities to search for hidden processes has a simple and easy to use the program Process Hacker. With this utility you can see the running processes, services, and current network connections.
One of the best programs for finding the hidden process is a Spyware Process Detector, it trial 14-day version you can download from the link at the end of the article. The program has a wide range of mechanisms to search for hidden processes, which distinguishes it from many other similar utilities.
A useful tool in combating the Trojans may be a small utility HijackThis. Utility designed for experienced users. The manual you can see below, the list of sources.