In order to change the name in the driver's rights, you must surrender old license and receive the driver's license of the new sample with your present name. For this you will need to visit the traffic police. And if you are a resident of Moscow, can contact any of the locations where the replacement of a driver's license. Remember that on Monday, the traffic police is not working - a day off. And to go there is useless. It is best to come in Wednesday and Thursday. According to statistics, these days fewer queues and the inspectors work more efficiently. Although accurate predictions are irrelevant.
Ensure that you have a medical certificate on fitness to drive vehicles of the relevant categories, make a copy of it. You will also need old driver's license and your passport. For registration of the medical certificate must undergo a medical Board for medical examination of drivers. Remember that since 1 June 2011, the certificate will be issued on the letterhead of a single sample. The old certificate issued before that date will also be valid, regardless of the form.
Submit a pre-assembled package of documents to the appropriate window in the building of the traffic police. After verification of the correctness of their filling and authenticity you will be given a receipt for payment of the state fee. The value of the payment rights of the new sample is 800 rubles. It can be paid via installed directly in the building of the traffic police terminal (the truth Commission). Also, this operation can be carried out in any branch of Sberbank. Photos to do. Their cost is included in the receipt.
Don't change the license if you don't absolutely need. All the old law will be in effect until the end of their term. Also by law you can drive around the rights with the old name, with a passport to prove their identity.