Advice 1: How often can I go to the Solarium

The best place for sunbathing and sunbathing is the beach. But if summer is still far away, or a trip to the sea not included in your plans, give the skin a bronze color in the Solarium. But going to the tanning salon did not cause harm, it is important to observe the rules of his visit.
How often can I go to the Solarium

As there are a number of General recommendations for the use of the Solarium and individual − those that fit certain categories.

The General rules of the Solarium are:

course sun can not be more than 8-10 sessions;
- the best time for tanning is 5-7 minutes;
- the interval between sessions should be at least two days;
- after the course you should take a break for at least a month;
- in the year of the Solarium can be no more than 50 times.

With these recommendations the likelihood of burns and other adverse effects from artificial tanning is minimized.

It is also important to take into account the individual style of the exterior. Blondes with light eyes and pale skin, Solarium, you must be careful as they are likely to be burnt even at the minimum duration of the procedure. The first session in this case should not exceed three minutes. Each subsequent visit, the time spent in the tanning bed can increase one minute. However, the maximum permitted blondes, is only 7 minutes. On this figure you have to stop, even if the tan falls smoothly and there are no visible negative changes in the skin are seen. 10 sessions is the maximum permissible rate for white women.

Red-haired girls with fair skin tanning in a Solarium is generally not recommended, as they have a high risk of causing melanoma − skin cancer. If a woman with this type of appearance still decide to ignore this recommendation, to be in the tanning bed it should be with extreme caution and no more than three minutes per session.

Fair-skinned girls with light brown hair and dark eyes − the winner of the European skin type can tan in the tanning bed, keeping only the General rules. The likelihood of burns is minimal, and the sun usually goes smoothly and quickly.

Girls with dark skin in General can afford not to visit the Solarium, as their body looks "tanned". However, if they want to become even more dark, it will be enough 5-7 sessions with a break of three days between them. The duration of the stay in the Solarium to owners of this type of skin can be increased to 12 minutes.

There are categories of persons to whom the Solarium is contraindicated at all. These include:

- people with a history of cancer;
- children under the age of 16 years;
- persons standing on the account at the dermatologist with skin diseases or rashes;
- people taking antibiotics (at the end of the treatment, the Solarium is permitted).

Advice 2 : How to behave in the Solarium

Tanned skin looks very beautiful and attractive, so many women visit the Solarium at any time of the year. So the effect of this procedure was positive, it is necessary to observe some rules.
How to behave in the Solarium
You need to fully make sure that the tanning you are not contraindicated. For this you need to seek the advice of a specialist. The sun can be contraindicated when taking certain medications. It is tranquilizers, antidepressants, painkillers, steroidal drugs and antibiotics. You should be careful with sunburn if your body has a large number of moles.
In order not to hurt yourself in the tanning bed and get a good tan, you should choose a good salon, where the specialists will inquire about the presence of contraindications and will always give valuable advice on the use of special cosmetics, will schedule the duration of the procedure depending on the skin type. Ask how often you change the bulb in the tanning bed. You must give full details and provide relevant documents (acts of works on replacement lamps). Ideally bulbs should be changed every 200-500 hours.
The day before tanning will clear your skin from dead skin flakes with a scrub. Due to this, a tan work uniform and lay down better. In any case do not do deep exfoliation and the cleaning of the face before sunbathing. First visit to the Solarium should not last more than 3-5 minutes, the skin should gradually get used to ultraviolet radiation. To produce the desired result of one trip to the salon will not be enough, you need to make 6-8 of these procedures. Stay in the cabin should gradually be increased, but not to exceed 10 minutes.
Do not use before going to the Solarium perfumes and decorative cosmetics. Creams may contain protective elements against UV rays. Remove before tanning all the decorations. Apply to body special moisturizer for tanning, it can be purchased directly from the salon or cosmetic store.
Before entering the cabin, the Solarium wear a cap, which is designed to protect hair from radiation. Women are also very important to protect the breast, as the skin on it is pretty thin, susceptible to various factors. The salons offer to buy a special nipple pads – stikine. Do not forget about the eyes, always wear sunglasses that protect the retina from ultraviolet radiation. Contact lenses should be removed. After the procedure, apply to the skin with a special moisturizing cream after tanning.
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