If the reason for your jealousy is the fear of losing a loved one, is it time to stop pushing him away his suspicion, accusations? You want to be with you, why remind him of what it once was. It is better to prove to him that I was not mistaken in the fact that he chose to wife you, just you, a surprisingly romantic and passionate. Don't remind about the past. He arrange a candlelit dinner, or any other pleasant surprise. Prepare with pleasure, putting all my love.
If that's not enough, write on a sheet of paper that you are afraid to lose her husband, and burn the note. Every morning remind yourself that you are the luckiest woman on earth.
If you are all the time trying to control her husband, then remember how he was when you fell in love with him. Free, independent, confident. Try once a week to organize "a day without total control". Don't call him every 5 minutes to see where he is, and go do more useful work – go shopping, buy yourself and him a gift, think not only about his love for him, but about her husband as a person with their dreams and desires.
If you are unsure of yourself and so afraid that her husband might leave, you need to increase the level of self-esteem. Maybe you are boring to lose a little weight, go to a beauty salon to start collecting stamps to get a dog or find some other hobby. Love yourself, changes in your husband will definitely appreciate.