Of course, nobody says that jealous is not necessary, just jealousy needs to be healthy. If one person is infinitely jealous of the other, then it is necessary to consider whether such relationship at all.

Being jealous of a loved one, a person brings to exhaustion and emotional exhaustion not only themselves, but also a partner. So you need to learn to control your emotions and not to throw them out in the second half at the first opportunity. It is easier to destroy than to build, it must be remembered always.

If in a relationship there is a healthy jealousy, it is useful because it "warms up" the relationship. But if this feeling goes abroad, we need to do something. Jealousy, a feeling that is not love peace. No need to sit and be silent, should speak with their loved one and to talk about their experiences. He, in turn, will confirm or refute this. In any case, the relationship is always both to blame and the situation you need to learn to solve together. If a couple is unable to cope with this problem independently, it is better to go to a psychologist.

Very often the jealousy hides the banal self-doubt. That is the reasons as such for concern and distrust of the partner no. Just a man unsure of himself and afraid of losing his soulmate. In such situations, you should work on yourself and above all on his attitude to himself.

Relationships should be happy and to be carefree, they should not bring sorrow and suffering. You just need to learn to trust, because trust is the key to a long and happy life.