Contact your ISP and find out if it is possible to change dynamic IP address to static. Typically most Internet companies provide this service for a fee, which in some cases can be quite high. This is especially true of small settlements. If you have no way of using ISP change dynamic IP address, you can use an alternative.
Use the technology of dynamic DNS, which provides a persistent domain name for a personal computer with a dynamic IPaddress. The information on the server is updated in real time. This feature is quite common and provided by many dynamic providers. For example, companies DynDNS, no-ip, TZO, FreeDNS and others.
Select a dynamic service provider to install a DNS. A significant difference between them, while they differ only in the value of variations and additional services. For example, can register on the website For registration enter your personal information and create a password, also be sure to specify real email, on which you will receive letter with the activation.
Login to your DNS provider. To do this, log in with your username and password. Next, locate the toolbar section of the "Add host", enter in the "Hostname" any name under which it will be registered to your personal computer in the system. Specify this name in the DDNS settings of your router or modem. If you go out to the Internet directly from the computer, you will need to download special software.
Install a program that will allow you to obtain a permanent domain name. Enter the configuration data that you fill in the provider DNS. On the main window, mark the boxes next to hosts that match the given personal computer.