Please contact one of the Internet providers that provide related services in your community. Sign a contract to use the services of the Internet. However you should know that absolutely every user receives a certain internal IP address, which identificireba the subscriber in the local network and the external dynamic IP address, an employee identifier in the global network.
Make a special request of the required sample in case you want to get a dedicated static IP address. In this case, remember that application may be made in the provider's office and at home.
Select in the application graph, which indicates the additional connection with a static IP address. Depending on what an application provides service provider, you must either put the appropriate checkbox next to this item, or to emphasize important information (you need an IP address).
In addition to the above method, some providers provide a more simplified option of a dedicated IP. To do this, perform the following steps.
Go to the official website of the provider. Enter your username and password to log in to your personal account. Apply for allocation of static IP addresses, fill in the form on the website of the company.
A third way to get a dedicated IP. Leave a request in the technical support team by calling the phone provider specified in the contract or on the official website. Tell the operator about its intention to charge a different form of an IP address and wait for a response.
The transition from one IP address to another, remember that this service may be provided by the provider at both the paid and free basis. Thus, before you get a dedicated IP address, check rates, and inquire about the availability of the monthly fee for this service.