In stores of goods for needlework and Handicrafts are sold standard needles for household sewing machines which are suitable for any model. However, when the needle follow the type of fabric you plan to work. From the tissue depends on the thickness you need needle and method of sharpening.
There are different models of sewing machines, and method of installation of the needle can vary depending on the make and model of the car. When replacing needle (good, bent or broken) pay attention to which way turned flat side on the top of the needle (flatted). In some models the needle is inserted flat side facing away from you, the other flat side should look to the left (for example, "Podolsk"). Thread the needle is always inserted from the opposite side – where the long groove of the needle. That is, if the flat side is directed away from you, insert the thread, if she looks to the left, insert the thread from right to left.
Suspension strut support bearing install the needle to its highest position.
Unscrew or loosen the screw holding the needle in the machine device. Gently pull the needle or its broken part.
Insert the new needle all the way up, following the direction of the flat side of the needle. If you have no instructions and you didn't notice which side stood the previous needle, look at the last thread guide. On the same side, where it is located, should be a long groove of the needle, and, accordingly, the flatted needs to look in the opposite direction.
Tighten the screw until it stops.