Advice 1: How to disassemble the baby

Compact car "baby" refers to a class of non-automatic washing machines that do not have a squeezing device. The design of "Baby" is quite simple and clear it it is possible independently, without the help of professionals.
How to disassemble the baby
You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - the wrench;
  • - drill;
  • - screws;
  • - nut;
  • - a piece of drainpipe
Housing a washing machine "baby" consists of 2 halves of the casing, connected together by screws washing tank and tank cover. In the casing of the machine is located a switch, relay, capacitor and the motor. The switch is fixed on the housing by means of nuts and locknuts. In node activator includes plastic case, steel bushing, rubber collar, rubber pad and steel spring. The body of the activator "Baby" screwed onto the threaded flange of the casing.
Fabricate a wrench remover activator

In order to disassemble a washing machine "baby", you need to make a special key for installation and removal of the activator. To make key you'll need a piece of water pipe whose length is 10-15 cm more than the diameter of the activator. Drill two through holes in the casing pipe. The holes should be located symmetrically relative to the center of the pipe, at a distance of 95 mm from each other. Hole diameter 6mm. Insert into drilled holes in the bolts so that they protrude from the casing pipe on 1-1,5 see Fix the bolts on the pipe, tightening the nuts. The key is ready.
Remove the plug located at the rear part of the casing of the motor. Align hole in cover with hole, plastic impeller, the rotating activator.
Until they stop, insert a screwdriver in the rotor of the electric motor and lock it. To introduce a screwdriver through the holes in the casing and the impeller.
Unscrew the body of the activator with the help of previously created key. To do this, insert the key into the hole of the housing of the activator. Note that the activator may have both a left and a right-hand thread.
Remove the tank washing machine. Unscrew the six screws. Remove the flange with the details.
Remove the locknut and rubber nut, locking switch. Remove the washer. Unscrew and remove the bolts, tightening the housing cover. Disassemble the motor. Washing machine "baby" is dismantled.
Assembly of a washing machine "baby" in the reverse sequence.

Advice 2 : How to use the washing machine "baby"

The advantages of a washing machine "baby" are small dimensions and easy operation. It is easy to transport and does not require the exception of electricity, no communications. If you do not impose specific requirements to the washing machine, the "baby" might be your choice.
"Baby" is a compact, small-sized, inexpensive washer. Suitable for quick washing of small amounts of stale underwear, saves washing powder and requires minimal water consumption. Gently erases almost all types of fabrics: linen, silk, cotton, woolen and synthetic fabrics.

Potential consumers of a washing machine "baby"

Dacha is the place where to go relax with family or friends, to grow in the garden vegetables and flowers, collect fruit in the garden. Country change of clothes, towels and bedding requires washing. And not to take everything home, do your Laundry you can place in a mini washing machine.

Students who live in dormitories, rented rooms or apartments, don't have the space and facilities for the installation of large and heavy units. To wash in a basin is a time – consuming process. Compact and lightweight "baby" would be the perfect solution in this case.

Small-scale machine will become an indispensable assistant for young parents. When to wash things often and quickly, and the time to perform the full cycle of programs of the machines (no "baby" could be your second washing machine.

In rural areas, where there is no Central or Autonomous water supply, a washing machine is an excellent option. It is easy to move, has low consumption of water and detergent.

Operation "Baby"

Washing machine-semi-automatic "Malyutka" does not require connection to the water system. The water in the machine is filled through the top (water needs to be initially heated to the desired temperature). Mini machine has a vertical load of Laundry. The detergent is added directly to the water. Connect the power cord to the mains, it is necessary to start the motor by turning the knob time relay. Time one wash can be adjusted from 1 to 6 minutes, the linen is pressed manually. Rinsing washing out as you can by hand in the basin and in the car, replacing dirty water for clean.

Specifications washing machine type "baby"

Nominal voltage is 220V.
Rated supply frequency of 50Hz.
Nominal power consumption 250W.
Dimensions 560х430х390мм.
The weight does not exceed 10kg.
Nominal loading of a dry linen 1kg.
Washing time: 1 – 6 minutes.

These specifications machines approximate, may vary more or less in the direction, as the machine is made by different manufacturers.
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