If you decide to open your own boutique of clothes, the simplest (though not cheapest) is franchising. You can simply buy the franchise for the store opening are already known world or Russian brand, and then the question of the name will disappear by itself – buyers would have to attract famous, popular brand.
Boutique generally means a store that sells clothing in only one brand. If you open a boutique, not through a franchise agreement, and your boutiquewill sell clothing only one brand, then that brand is not yet known to the buyer, therefore it is possible to give the boutiqueat the name of this brand.
If the boutiquewill sell clothes of several brands, here already it is necessary to connect the imagination. First of all, think about what is boutiqueand will be the target audience. Whether it's women, men, teenagers, children or even animals. Namely starting from this factor you can easily think of a name.Boutique women's clothes can be called a female name, good, beautiful, harmonious female names a lot in all the languages of the world. You might even want to give the boutiquegot its name. Also for female boutiques are great "flower" names. You can take for the name of some abstract concept. Most popular in this case, foreign names, like "Beauty", "Amore", etc. But keep in mind that already hackneyed words and expressions (like mentioned just above) have become boring and hardly seems buyers of the original. Boutique men's clothing can also be called a male name, and you can choose the name of the word, is very suitable for men. For example, to translate the word "strong", "courageous" and others.Same is the case with the names of children's boutiques – proceed from the interests of the target audience.
On the Internet there are programs, able to analyze the words and telling about the impression a name makes. That is, if you enter there planned the name of the boutiqueand the program will tell you what people will call it a word, like "hot" or the word "cold", "hard" or "soft", "sharp" or "smooth". It's called phonosematic analysis. Such analysis is important if you want to attract the largest number buyers, be sure to take advantage of them.
In the end, you can make a brand for your name or surname and name of the boutique that way. If it goes, then you, in addition to its boutiqueand will still glorify his own name.